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   Chapter 272 Let Bygones Be Bygones

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6722

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The jailers quickly got Rose out of the cell and put her into the car. Then they drove her to a funeral home.

But they were wrong, because Rose wasn't dead. Once the jailers had left, she struggled to open her eyes and sneaked around to escape the funeral home. 'I lived, bitches, ' she smirked to herself.

It was already midnight and the rain was pouring hard.

Despite her wobbly legs, she tried to run. She had to escape and find someplace to hide!

'I won't die here!

If I die right now, I won't be able to avenge myself and my baby!'

She ran in full speed, mustering all of her strength. Little did she know that there was a beam of light following her.

The car screeched as Rose fell down onto the ground.

Rose spat out a mouthful of blood and felt she had broken some bones.

'Ah, life is a bitch. After letting me survive for five minutes, it's going to kill me again.

I can't die here. Not today! Those bastards... I haven't gotten my revenge!'

Her eyes were full of resentment. Her thoughts were still cursing them, 'Even though I die, my spirit will never rest and will haunt you all till you all die!'

Rose coughed out blood again and she looked up at the starless sky. Everything was fading into black. The last thing she heard was some footsteps and a man's voice.

"What the hell?" the man grunted.

He lowered his head and stared at her who was already unconscious. He smirked to himself, and one could hardly tell what his intentions were.

He bent down to pick her up and brought her to his car.

The rain even poured heavier as he drove off.

Who was this mysterious man that took Rose into his car?

After Emily and Jacob reconciled with one another, it seemed nothing between them had changed.

Jacob was still disturbed on what happened before. He still couldn't tolerate the fact that she slept with someone else and was carrying his child!

However, losing Emily was something he wouldn't be able to handle. He tried to kill her baby and it onl


"Jennifer, come and sit down," Mr. Gu smiled. For some strange reason, he was warm towards Jennifer.

Jennifer smiled back gently as she sat down and said, "Thank you, Uncle."

Well, it was obvious that they knew each other well.

Mr. Gu turned at Emily, "Well let me introduce her to you, Emily. This is Jennifer, Jacob's fiancée."

"Fiancée?", said Emily, trying not sound shocked. She was truly surprised as she tried to hide her distaste towards the woman in front of her.

Jennifer reached out to shake hands with Emily, "Hi, I am so glad to meet you, Emily!"

The air froze for seconds as Emily reluctantly shook hands with her and replied, "Hello, Jennifer. Nice meeting you."

"I need to take care of something. I'll leave you ladies for some chit-chat," said Mr. Gu, standing up from his chair. This was going to be spectacle. He smirked to himself as he left the two women who could have tensions between each other.

"I didn't know that Jacob already had a fiancee," said Emily. She gave a small smile, hoping that Jennifer wouldn't see through her.

"Well, Jacob never told me about you either. Since I went to Z country, to be honest, it's not hard to find something about you, you know," said Jennifer, tilting her head slightly to the side. Jennifer only flashed a fake smile towards Emily.

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