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   Chapter 270 Are You Going To Leave Me Behind

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6160

Updated: 2019-03-26 04:21

"Look at me!" Rose painfully tore clothes off to show her body, which was full of burn scars, and put her palms up as she knelt. "Aside from torturing, Jack aborted my baby boy!

He was almost a human being, Emily! He was about to be born! But Jack murdered him and I failed to protect him! And you know what happened? I won't be able to bear any children anymore because of that bastard!"

Rose looked as if she went to hell and back many times. She was different from what she used to be. All the pain had filled her body and she looked so scornful! As for Emily, she was still beautiful! She had Jacob who loved her so much and she also turned to be the Tao clan's biological daughter.

'Why some people are born lucky?

I worked hard for what I wanted! I did everything to get what I deserve! Why did fate mess it up?' Rose thought.

Her words hit Emily. Emily recalled that day when Jacob almost forced to abort her baby so she understood what the other woman had been through.

But that didn't mean she would let Rose off the hook so easily.

"What do you want from me? Let me go! Jacob might find me anytime soon!"

"Stop lying to me! You're alone!" Rose's face suddenly got twisted. Her voice dripped in venom, "If you're not going to help, I might as well get my revenge here and now!"

She pulled out a rusty fruit knife and stabbed Emily.

How could she be so stupid? Emily didn't notice that Rose had a hidden knife. Subconsciously, as retaliation, she managed to kick Rose out.

She knew she had to keep herself safe for the baby's sake.

Rose was dragged onto the ground. She had no intention of giving up. She clenched her fist as she wobbly stood up. "I hate you so much! You made my life miserable!"

Rose would do everything to have her revenge. She couldn't wait to release her wrath, starting with Emil

..." Emily lowered eyes, not knowing what to say anymore.

"You still don't believe me, do you?" He released Emily slightly and sadly looked at her. "The child is more important to you, isn't it?" he sighed.

"Jacob..." Emily couldn't take the look in his eyes. He looked like a puppy being abandoned by its owner, "Jacob, I'm really sorry. I was so afraid..."

Jacob obviously knew what she was afraid of. He gave Sam a look and Sam presented a thick contract.

"Ms. Bai, please take a look. This is a property transfer contract. Mr. Jacob has transferred 50% of his property to your child and 50% to you."

Gu Clan's Consortium didn't belong to Jacob and he was aware of Mr. Gu's plan. Jacob wasn't the type to waste his time so he made sure that he had his own assets and concealed them.

He perfectly knew his role in the Gu Family. He wasn't even a son by blood! He knew that there was a possibility that Mr. Gu might take away everything he had so he had to prepare for it. And now he was willing to gave all his own assets to his lover in exchange for her sense of security.

"What are you doing?" It took a while for Emily to realize what had happened. "You don't have to do this. I won't take your money!"

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