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   Chapter 268 Waiting For Death

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Emily found herself standing when she felt someone grabbing her.

Jacob took her and tied her down onto the bed. There were several medical staff in white who looked at her with no trace of expression. There were also many medical equipment around her. "No! Don't touch me!" she screamed, "Don't take away my baby!"Everything suddenly went black. Jacob, the doctors, the bed, they all disappeared!

Then it quickly shifted to another scene where she saw a crying Rose. "No. Please! Not my baby!" Rose sobbed, her body on the ground, clutching her belly. Emily felt pity and worry but it was replaced with horror when Rose's expression changed. She cackled like an insane person, "Oh, Emily, I didn't expect, of all people, that you will be experiencing the same pain I went through... I couldn't do anything to save my precious child. Probably they're taking your baby away. We're just the same, after all. Powerless to protect our own flesh and blood! How does it feel, Emily? Does it feel good?" Then Rose kept laughing and laughing until it faded.

"No, don't do that to my child!" Emily's eyes flung open. Emily felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She bit her lip in pain, "M-My baby...It hurts so much..."

"What's happening to her? Why is she in pain?" Jacob asked with nervous voice.

"Perhaps she was frightened. Everything will be fine quickly as long as she feels safe both physically and mentally..." The doctor beside Emily quickly took medical measures to make sure she was fine. He injected some medicine to relieve the pain.

Jacob frowned, "What else should I keep watch on? Have you already written it on the paper?"

"Yes, Mr. Gu. If there is anything abnormal with Ms. Emily, please inform us."

"Understood. You may take your leave."

"Yes, Mr. Gu."

After necessary measures were taken, the medical staff went out quietly and waited outside so they could come immediately once an emergency arised.

Jacob lowered his head and looked at Emily kindly who was still half-conscious, "How are you feeling? You should rest more."

Emily stared at him and gradually her eyes were filled with disgust, "Jacob..."

Looking back at her, Jacob knew what she was thinking and he felt hurt

ished it was all just some stupid nightmare.

At least now, the child was safe and sound, and gradually grew in Emily's body.

Unfortunately, the news of her pregnancy couldn't be hidden for too long. Mr. Gu was soon informed about it by his men.

In the tea room, he was drinking his tea leisurely as he listened to the reports of one of his men. Despite his old age, his memory remained sharp. "The child? Who's the father?" Who?"

The man replied, "It might be Mr. Jacob's or Mr. Jack's."

Mr. Gu could only sigh as he shook his head. He put down his tea cup and stared at it, "This time, I am afraid Jacob is going to completely destroy Jack."

Why were the men in this family were so crazy about that Emily? Jacob was so protective of her that nobody dared to touch her.

Mr. Gu believed that she was the source of trouble. He wouldn't permit it if she remained in their family.

Arthur, who stood beside him, asked, "Mr. Jacob is going to take action. Should we help Mr. Jack?"

"Us? Helping him? Nah! If he can't survive then he's better off dead!" Mr. Gu said angrily. He didn't actually mean it. He was just disappointed at Jack, who always failed to meet his expectations.

Arthur decided not to press further. He understood that what Jacob had done to Jack before was not much of a big deal. After all, Jack was no match for Jacob once the latter was determined to defeat him.

In short, Jack wouldn't be able to do anything but wait for his death.

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