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   Chapter 266 Stay Vigilant!

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Since Emily knew that she was pregnant, she had been watching over her condition, especially her food and medicine. She couldn't completely trust the doctor sent by Jacob.

Meanwhile, she secretly plotted how she would get away.

Jacob couldn't bear that she kept her guard up around him. But he also knew what she was really worried about, which made him feel more sad.

"Do you really think I am such a despicable person who would poison your food?"

Emily ate carefully when she heard Jacob's query. She was surprised to hear that and she stopped for a moment. She answered, "I'm just being vigilant. For now, I can't trust anyone but myself."

Jacob's eyebrows knitted together, "I don't need to poison your food even if I am intend to abort the baby. Instead, I hope you can eat more so that you can recover quickly after the abortion."

Upon hearing this, Emily suddenly lost her appetite. She put down her utensil and spoke up, "Forget it! I'll never let you abort my baby!"

Then she stood up and left the table for upstairs.

Jacob hit his fist on the table, causing the table to wobble and the utensils to clatter.

There was little time left and he must take action.

He thought that Jack would be the biggest obstacle between them. But now, it seemed that the unborn child took Jack's place.

He didn't know how much this unborn child meant to her. But he clearly understood that the longer he waited, the more Emily would get attached to the child. By that time, it was no longer good for both of them.

It was better than to get hurt now than to get more hurt in the long run.


It was a sunny day, and Emily went to the garden to enjoy the warm sunshine.

After her got pregnant, Emily chose not to shut herself out. Instead, she often went out for a walk, which helped her relax and distract her from their problems.

The sunshine was so warm, as if it was lighting up all the darkness in the world.


of cells..."

"Whatever! It is my baby. It is my flesh and blood... Jacob, it might be your child. It's possible, right? What if it is yours?"

"No." He answered coldly, "It is not my child."

The hope in Emily's eyes disappeared. She pleaded, "Jacob, please don't do this my baby. It's innocent. I beg you. Please..." She was crying and begging for his mercy.

Her begging didn't work. Instead, it roused Jacob's anger.

He was jealous of the unborn child. She cared about it so much and was protective of it. It made him restless and resentful.

"You must give up this unborn baby. Emily, you should take my advice."

As Jacob stepped closer, Emily was getting more afraid. As an act of desperation, she directly climbed up the windowsill. "Don't come closer or I swear I will jump down!"

A flash of nervousness and panic reflected in Jacob's eyes, "Emily, calm down. If you jump, the child will die. Is that really what you want?"

"I have no choice. I really don't know what I should do..." Emily cried, "I'd rather die together with my child..."

Jacob was astonished at what she said. He didn't care about this unidentified child, but he did care about her safety.

Could he bear to see her dead together with her child?

Her threat had successfully struck his weakness.

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