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   Chapter 264 Congratulations!

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"We can't simply forget about that," Emily replied. "It's not that easy..." She knew that Jacob was too deep in his emotional entanglement with her. Even though he was trying to forgive her, but from the bottom of his heart, he couldn't find himself forgiving her for having sex with Jack. After all, dodging the matter would not solve their problems. If they went on like this, this matter would turn into a time bomb between them which would explode one day. And the emotional damage would be far greater.

"Don't worry! We can forget about it!" Jacob exclaimed stubbornly with a determined look on his face.

"Jacob, please. Be more sensible, would you?" She took a few deep breaths to calm herself down and continued, "We're over."

They couldn't get along as well as they used to, no matter how hard they tried. Damage had been done and was already imprinted in their minds and hearts.

Those hurtful words that they said to each other could never be taken back.

It was like trying to reconstruct a broken mirror. Even if the pieces were successfully put together, the rift between them would always be there.

Emily was disappointed with Jacob and more with herself.

"I won't allow it." Jacob wouldn't accept that kind of treatment from her to him at all. He leaned over to her and said in a serious tone near her ears, "I love you, and you love me too. That's more enough for us to continue being together."

"Jacob, we can't lie to ourselves. I don't believe you don't mind that I had sex with..." Emily was interrupted because Jacob kissed her lips firmly.

As he kissed her passionately, he wrapped his hands around her tiny waist. Emily tried to pull away but his lips were fully planted on hers.

They finally broke the kiss when Emily was slightly out of breath. Jacob straightened up slowly and let go of her. "Don't say that anymore. Let us not mind it anymore."

She could only look at his eyes, sighing helplessly.

Even if they could pretend that nothing happened, deep down they both knew something was no longer the same. With that lurking around and gnawing at them bit by bit, how long would their relationship last?

Neither of them knew.

They couldn't find the right way to save their relationship. They could only rely on band-aid solutions which might cause more harm in the future.

octor just finished the examination. The doctor smiled, "Mr. Jacob, Ms. Emily's condition is stable. She fainted due to overwork and great strain. Congratulations, Mr. Jacob. Ms. Emily has been pregnant for two months."

When Jacob heard that Emily was okay, he sighed in relief and was going to walk into the room to see her. But the doctor's last sentence stopped him.

He suddenly looked into the doctor's eyes and said, "I didn't catch what you have just said. Please say it again."

"Congratulations, Mr. Jacob. Ms Emily has been pregnant for two months!" The doctor repeated his words patiently, surprised to find that Jacob's clouded expression. He was confused by his expression, and asked, "Mr. Jacob, is there something wrong?"

"Nothing. I just want to see her first," Jacob said. He turned around and walked into the room, with slow steps.

Inside the room, Emily was still asleep on a soft big bed. Her serene sleeping face was as angelic as a baby.

Jacob looked down at her flat stomach. When he thought that child she was carrying was probably not his, his heart throbbed painfully. He clenched his fists to calm himself down

'Two months ago, Emily had a night stand with Jack. Who is the child's father? Is it me? Is it Jack?' thought Jacob. He was troubled, confused, and angry at the same time.

Scenes of the past flashed in his mind and he recalled Emily's betrayal again.

Jacob's eyes widened, controlling his anger. At any second now, he would be losing his temper.

Curse this! How could it turn out like this?

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