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   Chapter 262 Turn Their Lives Into Living Hell

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6635

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"And who's the hideous monster now?" Tina cackled, "Aww, look at you. Such a poor little thing. I should have smashed your face on both sides and they'll be a perfect match!"

"No! Please don't touch me! Please have mercy!" The nurse screamed with her widened eyes. Her heart beat swiftly as she saw Tina getting closer and closer to her again.

"Bzzt!" Someone had used a taser to stun Tina.

Tina fell onto the ground, trembling and writhing like a snail poured with salt. She completely looked like a zombie.

The medical staff rushed in and took the nurse away. Then they carried the stunned Tina to the hospital bed.

"Patient No.301. Has anger issue. Unstable. Has violent tendencies. Attacked a nurse…" One doctor read out loud the notes he had just taken, then raised a hand to the staff, "It's time to start the electric-shock therapy."

Everyone started to prepare the tools and equipment needed for Tina's therapy. Although it was actually against the rules to use such method at Tina's condition, it was clear enough that someone was behind this. Otherwise, why wouldn't they question it if they clearly knew it was illegal?

As she laid on the bed, Tina had no idea what was happening to her. She felt something was being attached to her body. Before she could make a protest, a jolt of electricity went directly to her head.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Tina screeched, clenching the sheets.

"Keep going," The doctor in charge ordered without even looking at her.

The room was soon filled with Tina's screams. She wasn't able to speak nor think of anything, but she was conscious enough to feel the pain. It was driving her crazy.

Who on earth wanted her suffer so much?

Tina struggled on the bed as a natural response, only her eyes were filled with hatred once again.

Her strength gradually faded away since she was tied on the bed. Her loud scream was replaced by soft whimpers and everything turned black.

A few days later.

The Tao Family wer

am…so…afraid… They all wanted me dead…"

She was no longer the proud haughty princess she used to be.

"There is nothing to be afraid of, dear," Mark told her.

'She should be staying in a luxury house, enjoying her life, and spending as much money as she would like instead of living in a hospital full of crazy people!'

I will take her out, no matter what it might take! And then Jacob, he will never get away with this!' Mark thought.

"Who's in charge here? Go and find them! All of them!" Mark ordered his men.

They finally went back to Mark when Tina had fallen asleep.

"Mr. Tao, they were all gone! We couldn't find any of them," one of the guards reported.

"What do you mean gone?" Mark turned his head and glanced at him with a cold face.

"No one is here," The guard replied in a low voice.

Mark clicked his tongue in irritation.

'They definitely have ran away before I came here. They knew I would certainly make a scene. It's clear that Jacob has been covering their asses.

I thought Tina would be safe if she was diagnosed to have mental issues, but I was completely wrong.' Mark started to blame himself.

Tina was still trembling even in her sleep. Seeing her like that, Mark couldn't help bursting in rage.

"Go and find them! I will turn their lives into living hell!"

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