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   Chapter 261 An Outcast

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7088

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Everything happened so fast that no one had the chance to say anything.

Jack was completely stunned and he couldn't move at all. All he could do was staring at Jacob, thinking that he would be dead at any second now.

But nothing happened.

This gun had an empty magazine.

Jack took a sound breath and wiped out the sweat from his forehead. Jacob instead threw the gun on the floor with all his might.

Arthur was surprisingly calm and composed. He bent down and picked up the gun. "You promised Mr. Gu. Let's not get into any trouble, shall we?" he said, in a plain and clear voice.

Jacob didn't reply, his eyes fixed on Jack. Yet Jack thought he was not out of danger after all, for those eyes were not only sharp as knives but also evil.

Arthur stayed in between the two rivals and made sure to calm them down. Then he left with his men without saying another word. There were no other words needed.

As they left, Jack fell on his knees with frustration and despair. He knew what Arthur meant when he said that Jacob had promised something.

Jacob had a secret deal with Mr. Gu, that until now he knew nothing about. All this time they had fooled him.

Mr. Gu lied, never treated him properly from the very beginning!

"Boom!" Jack smashed the wall using his bare fists.

"Why?!" He shouted. 'Why is always Jacob that takes all? Every single time is the same! That's not fair!' Jack angrily thought.

Jacob turned around and sneered at him, "Why? Because I can. You instead, you worth nothing. Jack, you are not even qualified. You and all your little tricks. Do you think anyone will ever care?"

'I am not qualified? Little tricks?'

Jack was hit by Jacob's words like a bullet, "So what? You are not telling me that you are qualified, right?" Jack sneered back.

Jacob looked at him with pity, "I should have killed you."

'Emily and I... we would be happy now if it wasn't for this junk. Now he ruined everything!

I would kill you. I really would if I didn't promise Mr. Gu. But I know that even death is not enough for you!

I need to calm down. Africa is waiting for him. H

Tina screamed, "How dare you! You piece of junk!"

"Monster is the appropriate name for you. Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror?" One nurse replied.

"You bitch!" Tina put her arms through the bars with her nails scratching the nurse's face. 'I am no monster. No one can call me like that!'

The nurse yelled and some blood spilled out from those scratches.

"AArgh! You bitch! How dare you! It's time for you to learn something!" said the nurse. She opened the cell door and walked inside patting the large stick she was holding.

Tina stepped forward without any fear and stood in front of her. The contours of her face resembled no more those of a human. She eventually became really a monster.

The nurse was scared off and tried to step back, but Tina jumped forward and threw her to the floor.

"What are you doing?! Let go of me! Don't touch me!" The nurse was struggling to get Tina away from her.

"You called me a monster. Now let's see if you can also become one." Tina squeezed the words out of her teeth. Then she grasped the nurse's hair in her palms and with a sharp move, smashed her face on the floor.

"Damn it!" The nurse screamed in pain. Her face was covered in blood. The nurse covered her face with her palms and tried to stop the blood from flowing out, but in a few second her white collar turned red.

"Ew," Tina instead looked at the poor nurse with disgust.

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