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   Chapter 260 Emily Is My Girl

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10261

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Although the doctor quickly arrived at Tyrone Mansion, Jacob felt like he had been waiting for an eternity. Burning with anxiety, he held Emily in his arms like a helpless child.

"Mr. Gu, please lay Miss Bai flat on the bed. We'll have to run a check-up," said the doctor. She was an elderly woman, renowned all over the world for her remarkable skills. Behind her was an entourage of medical staff attending to her requests.

Jacob carefully placed Emily on the bed and then stood aside with a nervous, compunctious expression in his eyes.

Before long, the doctors diagnosed and treated Emily's bruises, before they finally gave her an intravenous drip.

"Miss Bai will be okay, but she needs to rest. In the next few days, be sure not to engage in any sexual activities with her..." the elderly doctor advised.

Jacob's face darkened when he heard the doctor's last sentence. He cast a cold look at her and replied, "I don't need to be reminded of that! I know how far to go and when to stop."

Although he was offended by the doctor's words, he eventually calmed down and refrained from getting angry.

After the doctor and her entourage left, Jacob sat in front of the bed and looked at Emily pensively. Jacob's eyes reflected the way he felt about the world: dark and cold. Its depth resembled that of a black hole in space, an air of sorrow and unsettling pain emanating from his gaze.

Suddenly, Emily's breathing sped up, and her long eyelashes trembled, as if in pain. However, she kept her eyes shut the whole time.

Jacob realized that she was awake and she was just refusing to open her eyes because she did not want to see him.

In consideration of her health, Jacob stood up slowly, reached out to tuck Emily in, and then walked out of the room.

When the door clicked shut, Emily opened her eyes. Muddled, she looked at the ceiling, deep in thoughts. A crystal clear drop of tear, slipped down her face and landed on the pillow.

The next day, rays of light cast squares onto the glossy stone floor, reflecting onto several objects in the room. The warm ball of light filtered through her thin eyelids and woke her from her slumber.

Emily's eyelids fluttered open and her shifting gaze found Jacob's face looking at her, expressionlessly and silently.

A few seconds later, Jacob opened his mouth and said in a peaceful tone, "You should get up and get some breakfast."

Emily lowered her eyes and did not reply to him. She reached out her hands to steady herself and sat up slowly with great effort. The whole time her frail body trembled with pain, reminding her of the dreadful night she had spent with Jacob.

Jacob gestured one of the servants to bring Emily some food. They placed a hot bowl of porridge on the nightstand and walked out just as quickly as they had walked in. Jacob picked up the hot bowl with his bare hands to feed her, just as he used to do.

However, when Jacob brought the spoon to her lips, Emily could not help but shudder with fear, and then dodge him instinctively.

A spasm of pain contorted

seldom suffered losses. He drew his fist back and threw his body weight behind the fist that hit Jacob's abdomen like a freight train.

They stumbled apart for a brief second to catch their breaths before diving back at each other, eyes narrowed in determination. As time went by, they became more murderous, showing no intentions of stopping unless one of them was dead.

Suddenly, someone pushed the office door open from the outside.

A man walked in, followed by a group of bodyguards. He was Mr. Gu's squire, Arthur. Baffled, he looked at the two men with surprise and then disappointment, as his forehead knotted in a frown. Without further delay, he signalled the bodyguards to separate them.

"Master Jacob, Master Jack," Arthur greeted them.

Despite Arthur's politeness, the two of them did not reciprocate a response to him. Althoug Arthur was Mr. Gu's representative, his confidante and his consigliere, the two furious men couldn't care less about anything except fighting to death.

However, Arthur wasn't offended by them. He just wanted to pass down a message from Mr. Gu himself. "Master Jacob, Mr. Gu is very concerned about your marriage. He personally has asked me to tell you that, you should bring Miss Bai back home when you are able to, as he would like to see her. He also wants you to invite Miss Bai over for dinner with him," said Arthur.

Almost instantly, both Jacob and Jack's faces tensed up, and they were unwilling to believe that Mr. Gu would change his attitude towards Emily so quickly and suddenly.

Moreover, Jacob had too many problems on his own that needed his attention. Moreover, fearing for Emily's safety, Jacob had no intentions of taking Emily to see Mr. Gu.

"We can talk about it later. Now let me shoot this bastard first!" Jacob said in a cold tone, as he looked at Jack, with his eyes burning with strong hatred.

Within seconds, Jacob drew a gun from the bodyguard's waist and loaded it quickly, before aiming at Jack's forehead and pulling the trigger without hesitation.

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