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   Chapter 259 The Real Insult

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7855

Updated: 2019-03-23 05:14

"What was that again?" Jacob's voice became hoarse, bordering on a roar.

With tears almost breaking out of her eyes, Emily looked into his eyes and whispered, "... I'm sorry."

"Emily Bai!" he shouted. Jacob's face burned with anger, at the thought of his efforts to pretend as if he had no idea what was going on. Emily's unforthcoming attitude was like a tight slap on his face!

Emily's recent unusual behavior did not go unnoticed by him, and it worried him greatly when she suddenly wanted to break up with him, so he sent people to check up on her.

Step by step, with proper investigation, he finally caught a glimpse of the ugly truth even he wished he did not uncover.

Jacob found out that Emily and Jack were still in contact. Moreover, one of Jacob's hackers even found an intimate photo of the two of them in Jack's phone and sent it to Jacob.

Jacob forced himself to keep calm and even employed numerous experts, seeking to prove that the picture was photoshopped, but the truth broke his heart.

"Oh, so you want to break up with me to be with Jack?" he asked Emily. Jacob slowly took his phone out of his pocket, while resisting the impulse to break it, and then showed Emily the photo on the screen.

Emily's jaw dropped to the floor so quick, she couldn't utter another word. Her lips quivered like a dry leaf, fearing the worst.

Even though she had expected the truth to come out one day, when her worst nightmare became reality, she couldn't handle the weight of the situation.

Emily's worst nightmare was brought to light and presented right in front of the man she loved the most.

"... Where did you get this photo?" she asked.

"Surprised?" he taunted. Not wasting another second, Jacob dropped his phone to the ground and stomped on it. "You're still in love with him, right? Or else, why would you sleep with him while I was away on business?" he asked, desperation appearing in his eyes.

"I didn't..." Emily responded under her breath. The very next moment, Jacob pushed her against the wall, hurting her back.

The pain dragged a cry of pain up her throat. She frowned, but the man in front of her remained unmoved. Instead, he burned her with his glare and said, "This face, makes me wonder how many men have fallen for your beauty. Even I, myself..."

The thought that Emily still harboured

r her skin. Patterns of black and blue appearing over her thighs and her ribs. Her battered, tear soaked face looked rather pitiable.

The sight of her sunk his heart to the darkest depths of hell. A bloody portrait of his making. When he tortured her, he was also torturing himself.

"... Why did you cheat on me?" Jacob reached out his hand and gently stroked her face, wiping away the tears on her face. His heart felt heavy, like boulders.

Although he could not accept her betrayal, he could never let her leave him! This woman belonged to him. Whoever dared touch her would sign their own death contract!

Jacob took a deep breath and his coal black eyes, glimmered with the intent to kill. Showing mercy to Jack had been the biggest mistake of his life, and now it was time to get even with him!

Jacob shifted his gaze down at Emily again and tenderly held her in his arms. Clouds of pain lingered in his eyes, unwilling to disperse.

A few minutes later, he realized something strange about the woman in his arms. Her body felt cold. The kind of cold that would worry any sensible human being.

Jacob sat up to check, and accidentally found dried blood on the bed, patterned like blossoming flowers, extremely enchanting.

His skin prickled with fear, and his chest ached with the pounding of his heart. "Emily? Emily? What is wrong... Wake up!" he urged.

Emily's breathing was barely perceptible. She looked lifeless.

Jacob's face changed and he dialed the interior phone. "Bring me the best doctor immediately! In ten minutes! Hurry!"

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