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   Chapter 256 A Last Resort

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9684

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Betty's lackeys rushed toward Emily as soon as they got the order. They backed Emily to a corner and surrounded her.

"Bitch! Don't you dare run away from Betty! Pin her against the wall! Let's see if she can get away this time," one of the lackeys threatened.

A rush of chill ran down Emily's spine, gripping her with fear. Frightened, Emily staggered backwards, but she was at the end of her rope, back against the wall. "Stay away from me!" Emily cried, helplessly.

"Hah, hah, hah!" Betty's lackey laughed wickedly, taunting her with menacing eyes.

"Bang!" A loud noise resounded in the room. Suddenly, the restroom door was kicked open by someone.

Everyone in the restroom, including Emily, froze on the spot. She squinted, unable to make out the face of the man, silhouetted against the bright light behind him, as he drew nearer towards her. As soon as she realized who the man was, she burst into tears of joy and cried out, "Jacob!"

Jacob? Suddenly, the reality of the situation hit Betty's lackeys like a freight train. Needless to say, the sight of the chief of police and a squad of policemen standing behind Jacob, scared them out of their wits.

"It's not our fault! Betty forced us to do this!" they said. Betty's 'not-so-loyal' lackeys instantly sold her out and denied any voluntary involvement in the matter, as they slowly stepped away from her.

Astounded, Betty gaped at them all, staring in stunned disbelief from one face to the next. She gritted her teeth to stop herself from cursing at them, because she didn't want to lose face in public. She sheepishly looked at Jacob and said, "I was just going to take care of her..."

But before she could weave a web of lies, she felt a fist hit connect with her jaw at so much force that blood pooled in her mouth.

Betty cried out, as pain erupted from the point of impact. Before she could even say anything, Jacob grabbed her head and brought his knee to her nose. He pushed her against the wall and ploughed into her stomach.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" Blood leaked from her twisted nose. By the time Jacob was finished with her, she looked like she got hit by a car. Jacob's unbridled brutality echoed throughout the room, frightening even the hardened criminals witnessing the scene.

Betty was a bloody mess on the floor. Her chest violently rising and sinking with each shallow breath she drew in. She had never known the meaning of pain until now. She couldn't even fight back.

"I was wrong. It's all my fault. Forgive me please!" Betty begged, overwhelmed with fear and gasping for air.

Jacob wasn't convinced. Blood hummed in his veins as anger took over. He just couldn't hold back his anger at the thought of Betty hurting the love of his life. Jacob continued battering her face. The pain blazed up his arm, but even that did not stop him.

Stunned, Emily was afraid that Jacob was going to ki

ame a major hit with everyone in Jingshi City, who would talk about it over a meal or at tea time.

The female socialites talked about it the most, as gossiping was a specialty of theirs.

"I told you that Emily was not the murderer! She is just as innocent and softhearted as she looks. How could she do such a terrible thing!"

"Tina is not the real daughter of Mr. Tao! Emily is! Tina is finally paying for her arrogance. Perhaps Tina murdered the Bai couple because she could not bear to accept the fact that she is just a little girl from a poor family. How conceited and disdainful!"

"An animal like her deserves to be locked up in prison! I've never seen people of her social status behave so arrogantly. She was always rude! I hope that she'll be punished accordingly."

Everyone sniffed at Tina.

Meanwhile in the office, Mark was furious by the headlines, but there was nothing he could do. Fists clenched, he smashed his fist down onto the table. "Bang!"

"Censor these damn news!" he shouted angrily.

Mark's subordinates responded gingerly, "The news spread so fast. There's nothing we can do at this point. It's obvious that someone spread it intentionally. It will be hard to censor all sources in such a short time."

"Try to snuff it out as soon as you can!" Mark exclaimed. Mark knew that spreading the news all over the city was Jacob's doing. He knew well that Jacob wanted to bring ruin and everlasting disgrace upon Tina and the Tao family. But Mark had to do whatever he could to try and keep the news redacted.

"Yes, sir!" answered the subordinate.

"Then go now," Mark said sullenly. Like a storm out a sea, the anger he was brewing frightened the people around him.

'That's ridiculous! Damn you, Jacob. Do you think that you can destroy Tina by spreading the news? I won't allow anyone to hurt her! Although you have ruined her name, I won't let you ruin her life!' thought Mark.

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