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   Chapter 254 Sooner or Later, Justice Will Prevail

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Mark stared at Tina quietly and the disappointment was evident on his face.

Tina was disoriented by Mark's slap, but when she slowly came to her senses. She began to laugh hysterically. "Mark, don't you think you're being too dramatic? Love? What's that?" she taunted.

Repulsed, Mark pursed his lips, as he did not bother to give her an answer.

Suddenly, Tina's face transformed, as if she had finally discarded all her masks and disguises. "Do you really believe that you can control me? Give me what I want, or else, get out of my sight!" Tina yelled.

"I am not going anywhere," Mark said calmly, "Try to calm down, Tina."

"How can I calm down? My inside is going crazy right now! You and everyone else are driving me mad!" she cried out. Suddenly, a bolt of white hot lightning crackled against the black sky, illuminating Tina's wide-eyed, ugly face, as she appeared like a terrifying beast emerging from the half-light of the encroaching night.

Mark turned around to pick up a box of withdrawal pills and said, "Here, take this! This will help with the pain for now."

Tina knocked down the box and screamed, "Get out!"

Disheartened, Mark bent down silently and picked up the box. He opened the lid, took out one pill and put it in his mouth.

Before Tina knew it, Mark pulled her face close and kissed her with raw intensity. The first moan escaped Tina's lips. Their tongues entwined, and he sent the bitter pill into her mouth.

By the time Mark pulled away, Tina was breathless, gasping for air. The pill was long gone, swallowed by Tina.

However, the withdrawal pill was not strong enough to suppress Tina's pain, as she began to curse Jacob and Emily like a madwoman.

However, she never mentioned Mark, as he had never been important enough to her. She did not even want to hate him...

This was going to be another sleepless night.


In the meantime, when Jacob came back to the Gu Consortium, he found that Jack had made many changes right under his nose. However, since Jacob had a solid foundation within the company, Jack wasn't able to cause much trouble for him.

The most important one was Mr. Gu.

Jacob used to constantly test Mr. Gu's patience just to see how much Mr. Gu could tolerate. Unfortunately, from the looks of it, Mr. Gu had lost all his patience with Jacob now.

Mr. Gu wanted to control Jacob by str

st through the court! And not so randomly like what you did! This isn't over yet. My life is on the line here. This is a criminal case!" yelled Emily.

"We're just following orders!" she said to Emily. The policewoman was so strong that she yanked Emily's hand and forced her to leave a fingerprint on the document!

"You..." Emily mumbled, finding herself at a loss for words. Shocked, Emily widened her eyes in utter disbelief and suddenly, darkness had surrounded her mind once again.

The policewoman took away the document and then left Emily to her despair.

Emily slowly clenched her fist and bit her lip tightly, thinking, '"We're just following orders"? Whose orders was she following?

Who on earth wants me dead so badly? That person must be related to the murder! Sooner or later, justice will prevail!'


Jack hadn't seen Emily in days, but he was busy trying to find evidence that could prove Emily's innocence. Unfortunately, he couldn't find anything credible yet.

Jack was certain that Emily was not the kind of person who would kill another human being, let alone her foster parents. Emily couldn't even hurt a fly. How could she kill her own parents?

However, if someone had told Jack that the murderer was Tina Tao, he would have believed it in a heartbeat.

Tina? Jack seemed to have come up with a thought, as his eyes glimmered with hope, thinking about all the things that had happened between the Bai family and the Tao family. Without delay, he decided to investigate Tina Tao.

However, Jacob had already beaten Jack to the punch.

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