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   Chapter 251 Did You Feel Resentment

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8041

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Emily did not know how she ended up there. She knelt beside the corpses. Her heart was beating hard in her chest. Her parents were lying down on the cold floor of the room. Their dead-pale faces staring in the emptiness. Emily felt something in her throat that prevented her from breathing.

"Dad, mom, what was wrong with you two..." Emily said those trembling words with a sense of tremendous sadness. It was like the voice of someone that just realized to have lost everything, "I promise that I will never argue with you again, and I will be a good daughter, Okay? Just came back, please... Wake up please. Don't scare me. Wake up..."

"The victims were shot in a cold blood, Miss Bai; and in your apartment, we found a gun with your fingerprints on it..." The doctor was clearly used to seeing life and death. She didn't show any emotions or regard towards Emily's feelings. Emily thought when in life you face death you should at least show some respect, then she heard the doctor continued, "So you are the first suspect... Yes, for the law you are the most likely murderer."

But Emily was immersed in her own world. She couldn't hear any sound apart from her heart howling in agony. It was too difficult to realize that yesterday her parents were perfectly healthy and now they were gone, "Dad, mom, please wake up... I will do whatever you asked me to... Look at me please. Look at me!" These last words came out loud from her mouth, but their pale faces didn't move.

She put her arms around the dead body of her mother and tried to shake it, but she was quickly stopped by the doctor.

"Take her to the headquarters for interrogation, and bring the corpses as well," said a policeman nearby.

Emily burst out, "No, I won't come with you! My mom is still sleeping. We will wait for her to awake!" The policeman and the doctor exchanged a meaningful look, then the policeman said, "Miss Bai, you need to face reality that your parents are dead! And I remind you that you are now the primary suspect for this homicide."

Nothing, Emily heard nothing. Instead, she started crying on her parents' dead bodies.

So the policeman who had lost his little patience escorted Emily into the police car and drove her to the police station.

In the car, the situation was tense. Emily started punching her seats and the car's roof compulsively. Almost as if she was on the verge of collapsing.

who really wants to find the one responsible for this?"

"You'd better calm down first," the officer said with an indifferent voice. She was disgusted by such crimes, a daughter killing her mom and dad. It was unbelievable.

"Can I go out now? I want to see my parents..." The first tears were dropping from her eyes.

The other answered coldly, "You can't."

Although it was hard to believe that a girl like Emily could do such evil things, all the evidence were there, right in front of her eyes. Everything pointing at Emily, believing it or not she had to deal with it.

"It is all wrong, all wrong... How did my life turn out like this..." Emily cried out these words, but no one responded. Then she was escorted into a cell by a couple of policemen.

She walked blankly in the cell and then sat numbly on the floor. 'What should I do?'

These last days had been strange and full of events. First, she had sex with Jack; then she broke up with Jacob; after that, her parents clearly showed that they preferred Tina over her; then Jacob disappeared; at last, her parents were found dead...

Every pile and piece pressed onto her chest leaving her out of breath.

Could life be worse?

Naturally, it could. Now everybody believed that she was killed her parents.

The parents that raised her up! Anyone who knew her a little would immediately reject her charges. She would not harm anyone.

"Dad, Mom..." She covered her face with her hands and did the only thing that she could do: crying. Tears dripped down through her fingers, forming small circles of water on the floor.

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