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   Chapter 250 Are You Going to Flee

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"Mark..." Tina's eyelids fluttered open. It was like waking up from a dream, and the frenzy of rage that was in her face was no longer there. Suddenly, every thought came back to her in high definition and heart throbbed with horror. "I...I killed them..." she murmured, the shock partially paralyzing her.

Although Tina had a reputation of being ruthless and merciless, she had never killed another human being before. For a moment, fear claimed her, and she lost herself within its embrace.

Fear engulfed her conscience, knocking all other thoughts aside. Hesitantly, Tina's eyes fixated on the dead corpses before her. The people she killed... were her biological parents... 'No! They are Emily's parents! Not mine!' Tina cried in her heart, desperately trying to fight off the guilt.

Tina abruptly dropped the gun to the ground. The color on her face disappeared, leaving behind a deathlike pallor. "I'm glad that you're dead. I can finally be at peace, now that you're gone..." she muttered under her breath.

But then why did she feel like she was suffocating?

Mr. and Mrs. Bai lay on the ground with eyes wide open staring at Tina closely.

Tina felt as if her heart was being squeezed tightly by a big hand and suffocating her from the inside. She cried out, "Do not look at me! Do you hear me?! I'm not afraid of you!"

"It's okay, Tina. They are dead..." said Mark. He stood in front of Tina to block her view of Mr. and Mrs. Bai. "Are you okay? Did you get hurt?" he asked.

Tina jumped into his warm embrace, looking for shelter in his arms, like she used to do as a child, every time she would get into trouble. "M...Mark, Mark....I killed them... I killed them with my own hands..." she mumbled indistinctly, lips trembling like dry leaf.

Tina hated Mr. and Mrs. Bai, just as much as she hated Emily. Her hatred for them had increased tenfold ever since she found out that they were her biological parents.

Tina had been wishing for their deaths like a vulture, ever since they revealed her true birth identity to the world, bringing her shame and lowering her social status in front of Emily.

But she never thought that she would end up killing them!

Consumed by her hatred and anger, Tina lost control of her emotions and shot them dead!

"Do you know that those who humiliate their parents will suffer from an eternity of damnation?" Andrew's angry words haunted Tina's mind, and for the first time in her life she felt frightened by a premonition of imminent disaster.

Would she suffer from eternal damnation f

n. Anxiety turned into panic, and soon the world was slowly disappearing in front of her. She forced herself to believe that none of it was real. "That's impossible. I saw them just yesterday. You must be kidding, right?" she asked, in denial.

Neither of the policemen answered her, as they took Emily upstairs.

Slowly, Emily's brain picked up her feet in an unbalanced gait, carelessly dropping the lead weights to the ground with each harrowing step. Her mind wanted to run fast, but her body refused to cooperate.

Emily was in denial. She didn't want to entertain even the slightest chance, that the policeman was telling the truth and that her parents were dead.

When Emily stood at her doorstep, she didn't need to go in and take a closer look as she could see the two bodies lying on a pool of blood.

"Bam"— Reality had hit Emily like a freight train.

Shock choked the breath from her lungs and left her body dry heaving. The sight of the two bodies covered with white cloth, devastated her. A scream dragged up her throat but it emerged as a groan. Salty tears spilled over onto her cheeks leaving a tight, dry feeling.

"Dad, mom, it can't be you, right?" Emily asked herself, under her breath. Emily held on to that one tiny shred of hope in her heart.

Just as long as she did not see their faces, she could still lie to herself.

Unfortunately, hope was the last thing to die, as the forensic scientist unveiled the white cloth and asked, "Miss Emily, are they your foster parents?"

Emily's world disappeared into darkness, as soon as she laid her eyes on their familiar, pale faces. Fear curled up inside her and clung to her ribs, settling uncomfortably in her chest.

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