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   Chapter 249 I'm Ashamed Of Seeing You Alive

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7607

Updated: 2019-03-21 00:06

The Bai couple sneaked in and came across Tina at the right time. Tina was preparing to shoot a rabbit in the garden.

Debby felt herself smiling and hurried towards Tina, "Tina! I am your mother! I am so happy I can finally see you. I have been worried about you these past few days!" She held Tina's shoulder gently.

"Who the hell are you? Don't you dare touch me!" Tina slapped Debby's hand away, glaring.

Debby remained indifferent with Tina's attitude and still kept that stupid smile on her face. She wanted to flatter her so she said, "Tina, like I said, I am your mother and your father is also here. We want to see that you are in good condition so we can feel some reassurance you are doing well. Oh my! Look at how pale you are! This is all Emily's fault!"

Debby said that angrily, showing resentment towards Emily.

Tina understood what Debby meant. She gazed at them angrily, "So how did you get in?"

"Your brother didn't allow us to see you so we sneaked in..." answered Debby simply.

"Well, you never deserved to see me anyway," Tina spoke arrogantly, feeling superior.

"I gave birth to you! We are your biological parents. How could you forget that?" Debby yelled. Anger was the only emotion Debby felt at the moment.

However, Tina was totally different with Emily. Tina was used to be selfish and would never be kidnapped by these words in moral. She said casually, "Oh? You may be my birth parents but you look like pathetic dogs asking for food scraps. It seemed that you forgot the days you were starving to death and begged food under my feet. Now scram before I call the police."

Mr. and Mrs. Bai were so mad to hear this. Debby scolded, " Is this what a daughter should say to her parents? Such an ungrateful child! Have you ever learnt the word respect? You are such a---"

Tina interrupted, "How many times do I have to tell you? You never deserved to be my parents! As for your daughter, that Emily is your daughter! After all, you raised a cheap bitch like her!"

Andrew refused to tolerate this kind of disrespect, especially from his biological daughter! He couldn't help being furious when he thought on how many times Tina humiliated them before!

He yelled, "Do you know one would suffer from damnation for not resp

kened and bent down to touch Debby's lifeless eyes. She snatched back her hand when she touched an eyelash. "I told you! Don't you dare look at me!"

Her gaze moved at Andrew's corpse. His eyes were wide open, causing Tina to scream. She clutched her hair as she knelt down onto the ground, "Do not look at me! Stop staring at me! Are you deaf? You bastards aren't my parents!"

"Do you think that I'm afraid of you? And I don't give a damn if you are dead or alive anyway!" Tina stood up and moved back for several steps. Her eyes became unclear as if they were covered by the mist. She continued, "It's great that you are dead!" Tina regained her composure as she put her hands on her hips. Her bangs covered her eyes, as a shadow covered them. She continued jeering at their dead bodies, "Oh well, it's better off you are both dead. I want you dead, both of you. Don't you know that? I'm ashamed to see you alive! Your mere existence disgusts me in many ways that you would imagine! It's really better if you two just died! Hahahaha..!"

Tina cackled maniacally, like a typical villain in some movie.

"Tina?" Mark murmured. He had been walking around the mansion to look for Tina for a while. He witnessed his beloved sister laughing like a cold-blooded killer with a gun on hand. He also noticed the Bai couple's corpses scattered across the floor. A part of her dress was smeared with blood.

Even so, Mark only shrugged. She may look scary and mad but she would always be pretty and pure in his eyes.

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