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   Chapter 246 The Real You Is the Best

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The Bai couple were completely furious because their plot was discovered by Emily. They couldn't do anything since she didn't let them enter.

They started to feel uneasy. They tried to rack their head around, trying to find a solution.

Both of them thought they got this and everything would went just as smoothly as they had planned. Tina wasn't that reliable. And Emily wanted to break off the partnership between them. After all, they couldn't let their efforts end up in vain, could they?

If they had done what Mark asked them do, they could have received fifty million dollars. They could leave Jingshi City and go somewhere where nobody could find them and spend the rest of their lives there. They also contemplated if they should change their names so there wouldn't be any traces of them. The best time to strike was when Jacob had left.

Even though Emily said that she and Jacob had broken up, the couple still feared him. If he came back and found out what they had done...

They tried to shrug off the thought and hurriedly left Emily's apartment. They readied themselves to go to the Taos' and make negotiations with Mark.

At the Tao Villa, all the members of the Tao family were sitting in the living room. Tina became the center of their attention. She was put in such a high place that she was almost taken as an ancestor to worship by the rest.

Bess was glad when Tina was finally willing to go out of her room. Afraid of angering her, she carefully asked, "Tina, what would you like to eat? Mommy will cook it for you. You haven't been eating these past days and you're getting thinner. I'm so worried about you."

With a pink mask covering her face, Tina glared bitterly at her. Her voice was dripped in venom. "Do you seriously think you're good at cooking? I want some beef stew. Tell the cook to make it for me."

Bess was shocked at what Tina just said. Concealing her surprise, she gave an awkward smile, "I see. I'm sorry if that was thoughtless of me to say that. Don't worry, dear. I'll ask the cook to do it for you right away."

Abbott tried to speak with Tina but she also gave him a cold shoulder. The couple weren't mad at her but it ached their hearts to see her suffering.

If she hadn't experienced so many bad things, would their daughter grow to be like this?

Tina had been conceited, strong-willed, and impulsive. Despite how prideful she had got, she bloomed like a rose. Bright and brilliant. Now she was like a wilted plant trying to grow in a dark corner. She bec

we do? You are such a beauty, after all." Mark kept his smile, shrugging.

Tina didn't heed any attention to his words. She propped her hand under her chin and pursed her lips. "Hmm..." Then an idea popped inside her head. She blurted out, "Emily! I want Emily's face!"

The Tao couple's jaws dropped on the floor. They couldn't believe their ears on what they heard. They looked at each other. Both of them were at loss for words.

Mark didn't show any protest so he softly encouraged her, "Such a great choice, Tina. Emily should be honored that you have decided to look like her."

Tina bit her lower lip in anger and clenched her fist. Her eyes were full of rage. "Don't you ever mention that bitch's name ever again! You hear me?"

She swept her hand across the table, causing the porcelain tea set to scatter. The tea was spilled. A teacup fell down and crashed on the floor.

Bess got startled while Abbott only shook his head in disapproval. Only Mark was unshaken and continued coaxing her, "Calm down, Tina. I'm sure we can..." "Hmph!" Tina interrupted him.

She only ignored his words. She abruptly stood up and walked away.

Mark sighed as he failed to stop her. He turned to his parents and bowed his head slightly, "Dad, Mom. I would like to apologize for Tina's behavior. Her temper's turning worse and worse. I hope you can be more patient with her."

Abbott's frowning expression didn't change at all, "Mark, I swear, if she keep being like this..."

"You raised her to be like this, you know," Mark interrupted him.

His eyes were now cold and his words were as sharp as his stare.

Hearing this, the Tao couple were speechless for the moment.

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