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   Chapter 237 I Will Be Responsible For You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9718

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Emily woke up, feeling dizzy and groggy. She lay on the bed, in a daze for a while, before she steadied her breathing, trying to clear her mind.

She could not help looking around and wondering where she was.

"Emily, you are awake!" A soft, familiar voice came from her right side, startling her. Suddenly, she became aware, as her heart rose and fell inside her chest.

Emily fought the disorientation and sat up quickly, and the soft quilt that was covering her slid down from her shoulder. Before she knew it, she was surprised to find herself completely nude.

'What the hell happened to me?' she wondered.

Emily's hands scrambled frantically to cover her body with the quilt. Then she looked to the side to see Jack, who was standing near the bed.

Jack was buttoning his shirt, slowly and methodically, as he stood in a relaxed upright posture. He cast a meaningful look at Emily, with all his masculine charms.

Emily, however, did not find any of it attractive. Instead, at that moment, she felt a wave of unprecedented panic.

"What happened?" she asked in a trembling voice.

Jack noticed the apparent panic in her eyes. His heart ached simply because she was repulsed by him.

He buttoned the last button, bent over to pick up the clothes scattered on the ground, and then he walked towards Emily. "Just now... Have you forgotten what happened just now?" he asked.

"Just now?" Emily tried to recall what had happened before she lost her consciousness. The only thing she could remember was drinking coffee at the café, but everything that followed right after that was just a blur. Anxious, beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. "You used hallucinogenic agents at me and took me to this place, right? Jack, what the hell is going on? What do you want from me?" she shouted at him.

Jack handed Emily's clothes to her, which took her by fear and surprise, as she moved backwards, remaining on high alert. The light in Jack's eyes dimmed with sorrow. Without any explanation. he just burst out laughing. "What do I want from you? I have gotten what I wanted from you," he said, with a brazen-faced expression.

"It can't be true! I don't believe it…" Emily muttered and refused to believe his words.

Jack sat beside her, then he reached out to pinch her delicate chin, forcing her to face him. "Nothing is impossible. Do you think I wouldn't be aroused by a woman lying naked in my bed? Especially, if that woman was the love of my life," he said.

Feeling repulsed, Emily shoved his hand away, as she bit her lips hard and then said, "You are a shameless pig."

"If I was not shameless, would I be able to have you here?" he asked. Suddenly, as the agitation within him grew, he continued, "As a matter of fact, Jacob is more shameless than I am. Otherwise, he would not have stolen your heart from me on purpose."

"Jacob is nothing like you!" Emily immediate

that the thing Jacob hates the most is betrayal, be it mental or physical. If he finds out that you slept with me, do you think he will still love you?"

"I said, it's none of your business! Get out of my sight!" she yelled. The very sight of his face, repulsed Emily. She shoved Jack aside, just to rid herself of the suffocating situation she was in.

Jack disregarded her wishes. He reached out his hands and held Emily in his arms. He begged, "Emily, don't go back, please? I can protect you."

Emily didn't expect Jack to be brazen enough to say something like that. She yelled, "You must be dreaming! Let go of me! I want to get out of here! Now!"

"But I don't want you to leave," he insisted. Jack forced her to sit down on the sofa. He looked into her eyes, but Emily turned away and struggled to leave. He felt helpless, so he resorted to threats. "If you insist on leaving, I can guarantee that Jacob will receive our intimate photos, the second you walk out of this door," he said.

"You…" Emily was driven mad with rage, as her face contorted with fury and shock. She wanted to curse Jack, but she could not think of any words that could express her hatred towards him.

"You don't believe me, do you?" he asked. Jack took out his cell phone from his pocket and turned the screen directly to Emily so that she could see the picture.

In the picture, Emily was lying on the bed with Jack, with her eyes closed. Although the picture was not obscene, her naked shoulders and Jack's naked upper body portrayed a dubious relationship between them. Any other person who would see that picture, would surely let their libidinous imagination run wild.

Emily was so shocked by the picture. Horror dragged a scream up her throat, but she kept her teeth clamped tightly and it emerged as a groan. Emily trembled, her breath coming in hitching gasps. "Jack, what the hell do you want from me? Just tell me!" she pleaded.

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