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   Chapter 236 Every Inch Of Her

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 5820

Updated: 2019-03-17 19:34

Emily arrived at the café Jack had mentioned in the text, but he didn't show up.

The café was in an open area with a lot of customers. Emily thought there was nothing to worry about, so she asked all her guards to wait outside while she sat alone in one of the chairs and waited for Jack.

A few minutes had passed and there was still no sign of Jack. Emily frowned and took out her phone.

"Miss Emily, are you waiting for Mr. Jack?" Emily looked up and saw a very attractive, well-dressed, polite young lady smiling pleasantly at her.

"How do you know?" Emily asked, as she looked at her with confusion. Something was not right.

"I am the manager of this café. Mr. Jack was here a while ago, but he had to leave for some urgent business. He asked me to tell you that he would be back soon. Please wait here," the woman replied kindly.

"Oh…okay" Emily didn't really believe her, but Jack wasn't answering his phone, either.

Emily glanced at her watch and decided to stay for another 20 minutes.

The manager handed her the menu and asked, "Would you like some coffee?"

"Cappuccino, please," Emily answered, as she skipped through the menu and gave it back to the polite manager.

"Very well. Please wait for a second," the woman replied.

Emily's cappuccino was served within minutes.

She gazed out on the street, pensively, as she took a small sip.

What was taking Jack so long? Jack was still nowhere to be seen…

Something was definitely not right. She couldn't tell what it was, but she decided that she'd better leave here first.

'I should leave, ' she said to herself. Emily placed the cup on the table and stood up.

"Miss Emily, Mr. Jack is on his way. Please wait a little longer," the manag

essage. So who was behind all of this?

Jack was lost in thoughts when suddenly his phone beeped. A new message popped out.

It was his subordinate.

It was him all along. When he saw Jack spiraling down into depression, drowning in alcohol because of Emily, he thought he would make Jack happy by bringing Emily to him.

It was with mixed emotions that Jack resigned. He decided to call his guard and send Emily back, but he hung up the phone, the second he pressed dial.

Emily was right in front of him, so close.

Jack was finally able to lay eyes on her. He wanted to spend more time with her.

Jack sat on the side of the bed and reached out for Emily's cheek. She was so beautiful in her sleep.

"Emily…" he said.

Emily's smooth skin and her exposed neck line took Jack's breath away.

Jack wanted her desperately. He wanted every inch of her body.

Emily was here. She was all his now. The time had come.

Jack just sat there quietly looking at Emily with lustful eyes. There was a voice in his head that said, 'You've always wanted her. She is here now. She is yours now. Take her…take her…take her…she will be yours forever…'

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