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   Chapter 232 How Many Times She Hurt Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9012

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Jacob paused in silence, for about a second. Jacob narrowed his gaze and glared at Emily's foster parents, unblinking. Eventually, he sighed deeply and complied with Emily's decision.

Stunned, a shiver raced through them, as they didn't expect to see such a sudden change in Jacob's temperament. With no other choice, he nodded at them and said, "She wants you to come in. But if you say or do something you shouldn't, you are going to regret it.

Don't think that just because you've raised Emily, you'll have a guaranteed, all-expenses-paid-for, future. She may have a soft corner for you, but I don't. I can still deal with the two of you, without anybody knowing anything.

So, do not overstep your bounds and do not overstay your welcome. Most importantly, do not cross me."

Once Jacob finished talking, Andrew and Debby cowered in terror as they looked to the ground, yielding to his warning.

"Get inside," he said. Only with Jacob's permission did they dare to set their feet past the gate.

In the spacious living room, Emily had been waiting patiently for a while. Her sights were set on a tea cup that one of the servants had passed to her. She sat there expressionless, and one could hardly figure what she was thinking.

This was the first time Debby had seen Emily like this, but she was forced to swallow the pill as she slowly approached her with Andrew at her side.

"Emily, I am here to see you. So is your father..." Debby said nervously.

Emily looked up at them, covering the sadness in her eyes. "Sit down, please," she said, emotionlessly.

Debby and Andrew sat down in front of her, cautiously and timidly.

"Jacob, I would like to have some moment with them alone. Could you please wait for me up there?" Emily requested.

Though there was a hint of dissatisfaction under Jacob's eyes, when she looked at him, he gave into her and agreed. "Fine, but don't waste your precious time talking to them for too long," he said.

"Don't worry. I've got this," Emily replied, and smiled at Jacob assuringly.

After Jacob left them, the depressive mood in the living room had disappeared.

Finally, Debby breathed out a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, she felt at ease in Emily's presence. "Emily, we're here to apologize for that day... I have to admit that I acted impulsively at that moment..."

Acted impulsively at that moment?

If Jacob hadn't showed up on time, Emily would have been strangled to death by her own mother.

Emily ridiculed them, "No need to apologize. All I want to ask you is, do you really believe that I hurt Tina on purpose?"

Angered, Debby's eyes gleamed a hideous, luminescent crimson, but she quickly concealed her d

Unfortunately, they completely misjudged the situation.

Not only did Emily not accept their apology, she permanently severed all ties with them.

Such a pity, Debby and Andrew never understood what they had done to harm Emily. But for Emily, this was all she could endure. There was no way she would go back to a life of misery and rejection again.

"If you are worried about it, please don't be. It's not a big deal," Emily assured, sarcastically. Emily took a deep breath and continued to say, heavily, "I will keep my promise and provide you with all your needs. I'll let you decide whether you want to settle in Jingshi City or return to Haicheng City.

Although I don't have much money, the least I can give you is a future without worrying about food or clothing."

"Without worrying about food or clothing? Emily, you have found such a wealthy shoulder to rely on. All you want to leave for us is a life without worrying about food or clothing? Instead of living with ease and comfort?" Debby claimed. Since, they had crossed the point of no return, it wouldn't do them any harm to try and reach for the sun. Debby finally took off her mask and revealed her true face to Emily.

'Emily wants to leave us now? No way!' Debby thought.

"Then what do you want?" asked Emily.

"You should at least give us a huge amount of money. Otherwise, you would be robbing us of all the years we had spent money taking care of you," said Andrew, with greed glistening in his eyes. Once money was brought up, Andrew couldn't resist the temptation to speak up any more.

Emily looked at them with astonishment. Their boldness amused her. "Even though Jacob is wealthy, his money belongs to him. His money is not mine to give. How could you even want to take money from him?" she asked.

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