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   Chapter 231 I Only Belong To You

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After much pleading from Emily's part, Jacob's obstinacy diminished. He could never really turn Emily down, so after managing to stand his ground for a while he softened his tone. "... Fine. Let's leave now," he said.

As soon as he agreed to her requests, he withdrew his tenderness and glanced through everybody, coldly, like a hot knife cutting through butter. "I will let you go, but only this one time," Jacob added.

Since Mark was not around, nobody else dared to stand in their way. After the couple left hand in hand, Debby sat down on the ground all of a sudden, with her head down, lost in deep thoughts.

Soon Abbott and Bess went inside to visit Tina, while Andrew and Debby were left outside, forbidden from entering.

Meanwhile, Jack who happened to be in the same hospital, soon came to learn about the news. In spite of the doctor's refusal, he came over to see Emily, but she was already long gone. Broken-hearted and disappointed, Jack had to go back to his ward without success.

Ironically, different people shared the same sentiments with Jack in the same day.

Outside the hospital.

Jacob walked Emily to the car with his caring arms around her shoulders. He did not ask her about anything, instead he sat her down inside and told Sam, "Go back to the Tyrone Mansion."

"Jacob, why don't you ask me about what happened?" asked Emily, in a hoarse voice. Emily finally broke the awkward silence, and snuggled down in Jacob's arms. She looked like a lion cub cuddling up to its mother.

Jacob patted Emily's head gently with his hands, while brushing her long and soft hair between his fingers. "I want you to tell me, but it's okay if you don't want to talk about it. I'll understand," he said.

Emily's nose twitched, while drops of tears fell down her face. "I don't feel like talking about it right now. But I'm feeling terrible," she said.

The sound of Emily's trembling voice, broke Jacob's heart almost instantly. He gently raised her tear-stained face and tried to wipe it dry with his kisses. "Don't be afraid. I am here for you, always," he said.

Human beings are strange creatures. No matter how tough they pretended to be in front of strangers, they could easily break down in the face of their loved ones, just by their slight tenderness.

"Jacob... Nobody wants me..." Emily said, as she completely broke down in front of him. Emily's vulnerability showed unmistakably, on her tear soaked red eyes. "My biological parents love

ked up on her own tears, as she begged to Jacob, as if she were really missing Emily.

"Hypocrites," Jacob sneered. Like hardened steel, Jacob did not give into their pandering. "I really admire your perseverance. How dare you show your disgraceful faces to me? Do you want me to teach you a real lesson?" he said.

Looking into Jacob's gloomy eyes, Debby trembled, but emboldened herself. "Mr. Gu, I... I know you wouldn't..." she said.

"Where do you get such confidence from?" Jacob asked back.

"Because I am... I am Emily's mother. I may not be her biological mother, but I raised her from when she was a baby. Emily and I share the kind of bond, for which even Bess, her biological mother, cannot compare to," said Debby with confidence, then she raised her voice a little and added, "Mr. Gu, I suppose you wouldn't want Emily to hate you?"

Dark clouds rolled over Jacob's eyes, as an air of hatred surrounded him, causing Debby and Andrew to suffocate. He opened his cold, cruel lips and said, "Are you threatening me?"

"No... I am not..." Debby's lips trembled like a dry leaf. Debby had been pressed by tension for so long that Jacob's mere presence frightened the hell out of her. She still remembered the day when Jacob threw her against the wall. The memories from that day were so fresh that she could almost still taste the blood in her mouth. Even the pain on her chest lingered long enough to horrify her.

Jacob sneered. It wasn't his style to carry on chattering, and soon he had lost all patience. Just as he had ordered the security guards to send them on their way, Emily rang him up.

"Jacob, let them in," she said.

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