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   Chapter 230 You Are A Liar

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After a while, the door of the emergency room burst open and the doctor walked out.

Emily stopped the doctor and asked immediately, "Doctor, how is she doing?"

"The patient was injected with a particular kind of drug. Her body was too weak to work off all the toxins and she had an overdose. Anyone exposed to this drug would witness a severe addiction, so she should receive an abstinence treatment later on..." answered the doctor.

"What? That liquid contained a drug?"

Emily was shocked. Her eyes were staring at nothing and her mind was wandering away from that place. She had a cold thrill on her back as she recalled all the things that happened.

Tina had tried to injected Emily with that highly addictive drug. It was unbelievable. What if Emily hadn't stopped her? What if it was Emily now lying on the hospital bed completely drugged without even knowing how dangerous the drug was? That was awful!

At that moment, the Tao family, Debby and Andrew rushed into the hospital. Their reaction was the same as Emily's as they talked with the doctor, "What? Drug?" Bess was overwhelmed by that news. She was up to faint away, but then she grabbed the doctor by the arm and asked, "Doctor, can you be a little more specific? How is my daughter now? What are you doing to her?"

The doctor just repeated himself, "The patient was under treatment now and then she would have to go in rehab."

"How did it happen? My Tina would never touch any drug!" With this said, Bess burst in tears and let herself fell down on the floor.

"This..." The doctor pointed at Emily and said, "This lady brought the patient to the hospital. You can ask her what happened exactly."

Everyone turned to Emily, anxious to have some answers.

Emily gathered her thoughts and told them the whole story. When she finished, a moment of silence followed.

Debby was the first one taking the word, "Emily, are you seriously saying that Tina was going to drug you, but she injected that crap in her arm by mistake?"

"Yes, that's it," answered Emily. Emily stared back at her family and at the members of the Tao family. She was calm and without fear. "She wanted to kill me," said Emily.

"Even if this is the truth, how can we believe you?" Mark hardened his grip on Emily, "You said that Tina put that syringe in her arm by mistake, but how could that be? It seems to me that th

blowing fresh air in her mouth.

"Ahem, ahem, ahem..." After some trying, Emily coughed many times and felt her throat aching severely.

Jacob searched all over her body to see whether she was injured. Once he saw the mark that Debby left on her neck, he turned to her, "How dare you! This is your daughter!"

In the other side of the room, Debby struggled to get up on her feet. Her body was aching and her mouth was covered with blood. After all, she was not that young anymore. She soon fell down to the ground again and couldn't stand up. Andrew got closer and helped her stand up.

Jacob lifted Emily with both his arms and walked toward Debby and Andrew. He looked dark and sullen as if he was going to kill them.

Andrew was so frightened by that look that he loosened his grip on Debby and stepped back gradually. "Mr. Gu, I didn't...I didn't do anything..." said Andrew.

Debby got back in her mind again as she felt that Jacob was approaching. She was frightened as well by that horrible look, "I... I..."

but she just stuttered and couldn't finish her words.

She wanted to say that she didn't mean to hurt Emily, but she knew that her story was not convincing anybody, neither Emily herself.

"How could you do something like this!" said Jacob. Even if the king himself tried to choke his girlfriend, he would have him put down.


Jacob was surprised to hear Emily's voice again. He lowered his head and looked at her. Sorrow was written all over her delicate face.

"Jacob," murmured Emily, "Take me away. Just take me out of here, alright?"

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