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   Chapter 229 What Is In This

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Updated: 2019-03-16 00:06

"What are you going to do? What's that in your hand?" asked Emily, feeling threatened.

Emily wanted to run to the side to parry Tina's attack when she realized that there was a syringe in Tina's hand.

However, Tina yanked Emily's hand with all her strength and scoffed, "What's in my hand? Well, I've got something you are going to enjoy very much!"

Tina locked her menacing eyes at Emily and gave her a wicked smile. She then raised the syringe, ready to inject Emily's arm with some kind of liquid.

Emily shook like a leaf. She felt the blood chill in her veins, as the fear sent a shiver from the top of her head, down to the soles of her feet.

Anyone could guess that the liquid in the syringe was definitely not a good thing.

When the needle was alarmingly close to her skin, Emily shook Tina's hand off with all her strength and grabbed the hand that was holding the syringe.

"Tina! Are you crazy? Help! Somebody help me, please!" Emily cried out for help as she barely fought off Tina.

Even an extremely notorious criminal was nothing compared to a raging lunatic who had nothing to lose.

Given the current circumstances, Emily knew that she was no match for Tina, who was a frenzied lunatic. Emily was certain that if no one came and stopped Tina, she would do something terrible to her.

"Save your breath, Emily. I've observed this road for a few days. No one is going to pass by here at this time," said Tina, as she stared at Emily with the intent to kill. Once again, Tina drew back the syringe and tried to go for Emily's skin.

If only Tina could inject the chemical in the syringe into Emily, the woman she hated most in the world would meet a fate far worse than death.

The both of them were fighting for their lives. The one who would fail to hold on would be the loser.

Emily struggled, as she wasn't strong enough to fight off Tina. The tip of the needle drew closer with each passing second, as Emily started sweating profusely. "Tina, calm down! There must be another way to solve the problems between us!" urged Emily.

"Huh? Emily, are you scared?" asked Tina as her smile grew increasingly wicked. She added, "If you are scared, beg for your life! Just like that day when you knelt down in front of me like a sad dog and wiped my shoes."

Emily got irritated with Tina's insulting behavior, so she said, "You want me to beg to you? Dream on! I'll bet that's all you think about."

Tina gritted her teeth. The

rength and her muscles were all out of power.

Horrified, Emily trembled like a dry leaf. She pulled out the syringe which still had one third of the liquid. "Tina? How do you feel? What is in this?" asked Emily.

Speechless, Tina froze in her spot, drained of all hope, dreams and feeling from within her, replacing them with a feeling of despair, hopelessness and most of all, fear. The pain clawed through her body and choked the breath from her lungs, leaving her body dry heaving, desperately trying to hold on to life.

Emily wasted no more time and called for help. "Hello? Is this the emergency center? Someone is in urgent need of help. She was injected with some kind of liquid. I'm not really sure what it was. Please come quickly! I'm on Lane Seven next to the hospital..." Emily pleaded.

Although she hated Tina, Emily never wanted her to die. Even after Tina had tried to kill her, she just couldn't leave her there to die.

Fortunately, the hospital was just a few blocks away, so the paramedics came in before long and stabilized Tina's condition, before taking her to the hospital.

Emily also followed them to the hospital. She was going to visit Jack earlier, but after what had happened, she no longer was in the mood to visit him, so she just waited outside the emergency room.

Emily immediately informed the members of the Tao family. Then, after brief consideration. she called Debby and Andrew and told them about what had happened.

Although, Debby and Andrew never mentioned anything to her, Emily could feel that they really cared about Tina. As a result, Emily thought it would be good to let them know.

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