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   Chapter 228 You Are Crazy

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Tina immediately felt sick when she heard Mark calling himself her brother. "I can still take care of myself," said Tina coldly.

"Be a good girl. Don't be so stubborn," Mark coaxed Tina, as he brushed her hair with his fingers. He continued, "I'll take you out for a walk later."

Tina glared at him with contempt, but she could only purse her lips and compromise.

As a result, Mark contently won the right to feed his beloved one. He fed Tina meat and vegetable, well-proportioned in a bite. He also fed her extremely carefully, fearing that it would affect the wounds on her face.

Mark was even willing to chew every bite of food before feeding her, if Tina didn't think it nauseating.

Mrs. Tao sensed something odd when she saw Mark and Tina's behavior, but she could not point out what it was.

Tina and Mark had got along well with each other ever since they were children, so it was not strange that they were so intimate. 'Maybe I'm worrying too much, ' Mrs. Tao thought.

The whole family had a healthy lunch, silently. None of them dared to mention anything about Emily, to avoid any adverse reaction from Tina, especially since she was so volatile at the moment.

After lunch, Mark took Tina outside for a walk. Soon after, they came back. Tina shut herself in her room and forbade anyone from coming in. Before long, she started to smash whatever she could get her hands on into pieces.

Mark just stood outside Tina's room quietly. He could not imagine what kind of pain Tina was going through, but he didn't want her to conceal her feelings. Mark figured breaking things was a good way for her to vent all her negative feelings rather than harming herself. He chose to side with the lesser of two evils.


Meanwhile at the Tyrone Mansion.

Ever since the fire at the hotel, Jacob had Emily locked up at the mansion and did not allow her to go outside. Only Debby and Andrew were allowed to come and visit her from time to time.

Debby and Andrew visited Jack at the hospital. They told Emily that even though Jack was not in a critical state, he was still badly injured and very weak.

Emily felt a deep sense of guilt eating at her insides because if Jack hadn't saved her, he would not have been so badly injured. Jack had saved her from several life threatening situations, but she never got around to returning the favor.

It felt like a lifetime ago since all those unpleasant things between them had happened, and Emily had already moved on. She would have felt upset, regardless, even if a stranger had gotten hurt because of her.

Therefore, after deep con

ack and stood her ground firmly. She gasped, with her hand on her chest and glared back at Tina indignantly.

"I am crazy? By the time I am done with you, you will wish you were crazy!" Tina said, as she tilted her face, exposing her facial wounds to Emily.

Tina's once beautiful face was now covered with burn marks, a frightful juxtaposition of red and black. Some parts of her face were burnt so severely that the red veins under the skin could be seen clearly as if the protective layer of her skin had been completely destroyed.

The fire was unforgiving towards Tina.

An arrogant, entitled person like Tina found it hard to accept that she was the one who had suffered such great pain.

However, the wicked will not go unpunished, and at some point, people will get what they deserve, eventually.

As a result, Emily didn't show any sympathy for Tina. "You asked for it! It is you who destroyed yourself. You had such a good life, but you just wasted it on the wrong things. That's such a pity!" said Emily.

"Do you think that you can be better than me?" asked Tina maliciously, as she stood up slowly.

Emily understood that Tina had lost her sanity after suffering through such a traumatic event in her life. She knew that Tina could never see her own faults because her mind only had room for hatred and resentment.

Emily soon came to the conclusion that things would only become worse if she kept arguing with Tina.

Emily tried to make a run for it when Tina wasn't looking. But before Emily could run, Tina pounced on her like a tiger. She had something in her hand that she was pointing towards Emily.

It was a transparent syringe loaded with some kind of liquid, that glistened at the top of the needle!

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