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   Chapter 227 Who Yielded First

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Since they got back from the hospital, Mark took off the handcuffs from Tina. However, if Tina refused treatment, Mark wouldn't hesitate to lock her up again, even if it would make Tina hate him more.

Tina did not utter a word, but the resentment was clear as crystal in her eyes.

Tina hated feeling like a prisoner! She never imagined her life would come to this!

Before long, Mark brought another bowl of ointment and applied it on Tina's wounds gently.

"When do you intend on setting me free?" Tina asked, coldly.

"Doesn't it feel good to be home? No one can hurt you here and you won't have to see the faces that you don't like either," Mark answered, with tongue-in-cheek.

In the past few days, Mark's parents made several attempts to visit Tina, but every time Mark would send them back with some kind of excuse. Mark's parents felt guilty assuming that Tina did not want to see them because they wanted to welcome Emily back into the Tao family. Therefore, they decided to give Tina some time on her own, instead of constantly pestering her.

Besides, they trusted their son to take good care of Tina, so they did not have to worry about anything at all.

Frustrated and annoyed, Tina screamed at Mark, "You've kept me locked up here, against my will, Mark!"

"No, I'm protecting you," he said.

"Hypocrite," she replied.

"I don't care what you think of me," he retorted. Mark didn't hold any grudges against Tina. He just smiled and said, "But my love for you is unconditional."

Tina warned, with contempt, "You cannot keep me locked up in here forever."

Mark did not take Tina's threat seriously until night time, when he really understood what she had meant by that.

When Mark left her alone for a little while, Tina used a piece of broken glass to cut open her wrist. The blood gushed out from the wound and dripped all over the ground.

When Mark walked into the room, a spasm of panic contorted his face, as he panicked and rushed to cover her wrist with tissue, before he calling the doctor.

"If you really feel so resentful, you can take it out on me. Why do you hurt yourself? "

Benumbed, Tina stared at the blood blankly, as if she could not feel the pain. "Because it works, doesn't it?" she answered cheekily.

Tina's lack of concern for her own safety hurt Mark's feelings.

"Do you have to do this?" he

sat down to have lunch, without saying anything.

Abbott and Bess looked at each other only to find guilt in each other's eyes. If they had not insisted on bringing Emily back, Tina would not have been so aggrieved and all hell would not have broken loose.

Bess kept picking dishes for Tina as she could not help her heart from aching at the sight of gauze covering her left cheek. Tina's was a beauty to behold, but now..

Bess knew that there was no one to blame for Tina's misfortune, but the thought of Emily coming out of the same predicament safe and unharmed, discomforted her.

Why was only one of her daughters blessed with good fortune while the other was not? It wasn't fair!

In truth, she had a soft corner for Tina, as she had raised her since she was just a baby. Although, the truth contradicted them, they still regarded Tina as their biological daughter. As for Emily, they really did not share any bonds with her outside of blood, as she was raised by someone else.

Soon, Mark came downstairs. After greeting his parents, he sat beside Tina as he always did, and fed Tina by himself.

Tina turned around and downright refused him. "My hand still works," she said.

"But the wounds haven't healed up yet," he said. Mark looked at Tina the way one looked at a stubborn child and said, "Let brother feed you, okay?"

"Wounds? What happened?" asked Bess. Mark's parents were so focused on Tina's face that they didn't notice the gauze covering her wrist, until now. Their eyes widened, as the look of concern gradually appeared on their faces.

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