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   Chapter 226 Gentle Redemption

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After a long kiss, they hovered right there, soundless, simply feeling each other's presence. Tina didn't have the strength to resist Mark and her eyes were covered in a layer of salty water. "Let me go!" she pleaded.

"Why? Does my kiss make you feel disgusted?" he asked. Mark's eye-brows furrowed as he looked at Tina and smiled grimly. "Who are you thinking about right now? Is it Jacob? Jacob has no feelings for you. He hates you the same as you hates me," said Mark.

"Shut up!" Tina screamed at him. Tina could hardly recognize the man standing in front of her. There was a subtle hint of unfamiliarity in him, even though she couldn't put her finger on it. Mark was not the same man he had been before. Something in him had changed.

'Fine. It's okay even if you don't love me. Resonance between two lovers is so rare in the world.'

Mark reconciled with his disappointments and sighed with resignation. "Tina, I can't allow you to be stubborn any more. It's time for you to take responsibility for your own actions. How much pain have you suffered because of Jacob and Emily?"

Tina thought of her face and became angry and morose. "No, I won't give up like this. I will make them pay for what they have done..." Tina promised.

"Leave it to me, okay? I'll surely give you a pleasant result," he said. Mark reached out hoping to brush his fingers down her hair but Tina avoided him. He continued, "As long as you listen to me and don't get into any trouble."

" I. Don't. Trust. You." Tina stared at him and emphasized every word, and she added "I don't trust any of you!"

Mark held her in his arms despite her struggling. The sight of her scarred face, sank his heart. "It's okay. You don't have to trust me. But I will show you anyway," Mark insisted.

Tina gave him a grim smile. As her face became gloomy, she said, " Back off."

"Nope, I will hold onto you forever," he said. Mark moved close to her ears and whispered, "Tina, did you forget? You are not a biological daughter of Tao Family. Although our parents did not expose the secret to the world, you have already l

y got lucky, thanks to Jack. However, Tina ended up on the losing side again! How could he let it go on like this?

'Rose, Emily and Jacob... They will all pay for what they have done to Tina!'

Mark knew that it wouldn't take long for Jacob to learn about the truth. Therefore, for Tina's safety, Mark kept Tina locked up in his home, in case Jacob tried to do something to Tina again.

Of course, apart from that, there was also another reason as to why Mark stayed with Tina alone. It was he one thing he had been longing for years, and it was finally within his grasp now. Sometimes he would still feel it was too good to be true.

"Sit still and don't move," he said. Mark carefully applied ointment on Tina's injuries. He willingly took care of all of her needs in the past few days. "I promise I will be gentle, okay?" he said.

However, Tina did not cooperate at all. She turned her face around and complained, "Does it make any sense to apply this? I find this face repulsive!"

"Don't say that. It will heal," said Mark.

Mark slowly moved closer to Tina with the ointment in his hand.

"Clap!" Tina pushed away the bowl of ointment from his hand.

There were shattered pieces of glass and ointment all over the floor. A thick odor spread throughout the room, cool with a flavor of mint.

Mark furrowed his eye-brows and asked, "Tina, do you want to be handcuffed again?"

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