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   Chapter 225 I've Loved You for So Long

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8614

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The paramedics hurried to rescue Jack, who was unconscious, but still alive. Emily lost consciousness as soon as her body landed on the rescue air cushion. Without wasting another second, she was carried to the ambulance and taken straight to the hospital.

At the same time, no one noticed that Mark had done the exact same thing as Jacob without even thinking twice. When he found out that Tina was still inside the hotel, he rushed headfirst into the fiery building.

When the Tao family had come to learn of this, it was already too late!

Mark followed the firefighters inside to search for Tina with a fire extinguisher in his hands.

"Tina! Tina Tao!" he cried out. The smoke billowed black across the building, filling his lungs, as he coughed intensely. Often times the flame would be a different hue, emitting copious amounts of black smoke that choked him and blinded his vision. Unfortunately, in his rush to save Tina, Mark forgot to bring a safety mask with him.

Even after the fire was finally put out, Mark was still searching for Tina. At long last, he found Tina in a room!

When he found Tina she was lying on the ground motionless, which made it unclear as to whether she was dead or alive. The skin on her hands and face were all burnt. A frightening sight, barely recognizable by Mark.

Mark rushed into the room and held Tina in his arms, despondent and grief-stricken.

A firefighter explained to Mark, "Fortunately, this room was properly insulated, thus, the fire was not able to spread inside, but as the temperature rose and the oxygen level reduced drastically, the room virtually uninhabitable for any human being..."

Mark, however, did not have the patience to listen to what the firefighter had to say. He cuddled up Tina and rushed out yelling, "Doctor! Doctor!"

'Why does it always end up like this? Why does she always end up getting hurt!'

Mark cried in his heart, out of frustration.

When Jack finally came to his senses, he found himself in the hospital.

In a series of flashbacks, Jack's memory of the fire caught up with him, as he felt like he had just woken up from a nightmare. However, the deep third-degree burns inflicted on his back reminded him of what really happened.

The first thing that popped into Jack's mind was Emily. He asked, " Where is Emily?" Jack's voice was so hoarse that it felt like the sound of grinding on abrasive paper.

Relieved, the nurse was delighted to see that Jack had regained his consciousness. "Mr. Jack, you're finally awake! Miss Bai? She... Mr. Jacob came and took

k and Tina weren't related by blood. Thus, the sight of Mark kissing his "sister" like lovers came as a huge shock to them.

"One more look, I will dig your eyes out! One more word of this and I will pull out your tongues!"

Mark stressed every word, confirming his threat. He was like a blood-thirsty beast no one had the audacity to defy.

Immediately, everyone shifted their sights and attention elsewhere, pretending to be busy with something else, as they left the room quietly.

"Mark! Have you lost your mind?" yelled Tina. If Tina's hands weren't cuffed, she would have surely punched Mark on the face!

"Yes, I've lost my mind! I've gone insane!" he answered out of frustration. Mark looked deeply into her face. With love in his eyes, he said, "Tina, I've loved you for so long. Didn't you feel anything?"

Tina, however, was unmoved, as she looked back at him coldly and answered, "I only took you as my brother!"

"But I'm not your biological brother, right?" Mark interrupted.

"It does not change anything," she replied coldly. Tina was horrified at the thought of Mark falling in love with her. Was it before the truth about her birth was exposed or...

"If you still want to be my sister, I'll be okay with that. Actually it might be more exciting for me," he said. Mark lowered his head to kiss her again.

Tina turned her head away in disgust, as Mark's lips landed on her cheeks.

Mark's eyes darkened, as he pulled her face, forcing her to accept his kiss.

Mark had longed for her kiss for so many years and the kiss felt exactly as he had imagined, primal and electrifying. He couldn't just stop at first taste.

Mark had been waiting too long for this day... for Tina.

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