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   Chapter 224 Dare You Cheat Me

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The bodyguard lowered his head, apologetically and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Jacob, but we haven't found Miss Bai yet. We failed to protect her..."

"Pow!" Jacob landed a heavy punch right across the bodyguard's face. His face darkened with resentment as he said, "You'd better pray she's safe and sound."

Jacob then picked up a fire extinguisher and rushed towards the burning hotel without hesitation.

Sam was stupefied by Jacob's lack of concern for his own safety. He bolted to stop Jacob and dragged him away from the hotel.

"Mr. Jacob! Calm down! This is not the time to be acting impetuously!" yelled Sam.

All the people, who had managed to escape the fire, stood on the side of the street, baffled by Jacob's actions.

The entire hotel was immersed under the raging flames! Under such circumstances, anyone who even dared to go in would be welcoming a fiery death with open arms!

The Tao family were astonished at Jacob's act of bravery and selflessness. They realized just how much Jacob was willing to risk his own life to save Emily! How many people would do the same as Jacob?

"Both Emily and Tina are trapped inside the hotel..." Bess cried out and broke down into tears, desperate and hopeless.

Only God knew how much she regretted inviting Emily here today. Now both of her daughters were trapped in the fire with no sign of respite, and no knowledge of whether they were dead or alive!

Abbott did not want Bess to blame herself so he held her and comforted her. "It is not your fault. Do not be sad. They will be fine..." he assured her.

However, Bess was in a state of shock, unable to hold on to any semblance of hope. She desperately beat her own chest and yelled, "It's all my fault! I don't know what I will do if anything happens to them. I would rather die than live one more moment without them...."

Before Bess could finish her words, the nausea had crept to her head and the world went black around her. The paramedics rushed to Bess to provide her with medical care.

The rest of the Tao family were panicking so loudly that Jacob had to throw his angry glare at them, as he looked at them with ridicule and said, "Hypocrites."

Jacob had never come across people as hypocritical as the Tao Family!

They were all talk and no action!

Meanwhile, Sam who had tackled Jacob, held on to him tightly in case he trie

ump with me. It would be better than burning alive!"

Emily's concerned voice enabled Jack to fool himself into believing that Emily wanted to be with him, dead or alive.

"Hold on. The rescue air cushion is almost done," said Jack, smiling hopefully.

The more Jack smiled, the more Emily felt sorry. His selfless smile was like a thorn stabbing at her heart. "Let me go... You do not need to do this for me..." she said.

Jack interrupted, "Do... not blame yourself. I can't let you die."

These words became much heavier than they were in any other situations.

Guilt-ridden, Emily looked away, as she found it hard to face Jack's affectionate eyes.

Meanwhile, Jacob was panicking as he anxiously watched Emily hanging from the balcony. His unforgiving anger almost spilled out of his eyes. "You are a team of useless jerks! How could you take so long to build the safety air cushion? Hurry up! Everybody hurry up!" he yelled.

Jacob was so desperate that, if all else failed, he was ready to catch Emily with his bare hands.

The rescue workers doubled their efforts, fearing Jacob's wrath. The moment the rescue air cushion was inflated, Emily dropped down like a kite flying off the line.

All the people at the bottom gasped and cried out in anticipation!

Jacob was so nervous, he forgot to breathe as he anxiously watched Emily fall on the air cushion.

"Emily!" Jacob cried out. Jacob dashed to Emily as fast as he could and cuddled her up!

Seconds later, Jack followed Emily and soon fell down, after running out of all the strength he had.

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