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   Chapter 223 Believe Me, I Will Protect You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7826

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Emily's heart stiffened a little. She had a gut feeling that something bad was about to happen.

Instead of banging the door again, Emily kept twisting the door-knob vigorously with all her strength. Not knowing how long it had been, she heard a clicking sound, as she managed to break the lock.

Emily gasped for air, tired from twisting the door-knob. After she had mustered all the remaining strength she had, she pushed the door open fiercely. A wave of hot air kissed her face, forcing her to step back instinctively!

Emily took a deep breathe, but the smell dominated every breath and the flames were louder than expected, roaring as they consumed the floor. Smoke billowed in the corridor. The radiant heat was intense, scorching her skin.

No wonder nobody responded to her, even though she had heard so many noisy voices outside just now. It was because of the fire.

Suddenly, Tina's last words before walking away echoed in Emily's ears. Panic-stricken, Emily wondered, 'Was Tina a prophet? Or did she have something to do with the fire?'

However, the situation did not allow her much time to think. Emily went in and doused herself with cold water from the basin. She tried hard to put up with the shivering, as she cautiously made her way out of the lavatory.

The whole place burned like a bonfire with gasoline. The coughing was instant as were the tears that washed over her eyes. The black smoke thickened, taking away all visibility, as she fell to the floor, crawling.

The fire was engulfing her surroundings fast, as if it had a life of its own.

Emily crawled ahead, but there was no way to go. The all-consuming inferno had her surrounded, and the waves of hot air rolled over and dried her wet clothes quickly...

What was she to do? And which way was she to take?


When Emily had lost all hope, she heard a familiar voice calling out to her from a close distance. Hopeful, she looked to the direction where the voice had come from. Her watery eyes, filled with surprise. "Jack? What are you doing here?" she asked.

Jack ran towards her and said, "If I told you it was a coincidence, would you believe me?"

Emily looked up at him without saying anything.

Realizing that Emily did not believe him, Jack smiled wryly at her and said, "It doesn't matter whether you believe me or no

nsulate the increase in temperature. Tina felt like she was being put in a furnace to get cremated.

After a few minutes, the shock had overwhelmed her, rendering motionless.


The news that the hotel was on fire made its way to Jacob, who was in a meeting. Instantly, his facial expression changed, right in the middle of the meeting. He left the conference room, and drove to the hotel at a full speed, running numerous red lights on the way.

He tried to dial Emily's phone number, but there was no signal. A sense of flurry began to spread through his heart.

The senior officials of the Gu Consortium were startled. In their mind, Jacob was always calm and composed. They had never seen Jacob in such a panic.

There was no one in the world who could make Jacob react like this, except Emily. Yes, Emily was the only person.

The senior officials said to themselves, sure enough, "Even heroes fall for beauties. No matter how invincible a person was, everyone had a weaknesses."

When Jacob finally arrived at the destination, the fire fighters had already started to put out the fire. However, since the source of the fire was on a high floor, the water hoses couldn't reach the fire effectively. Fortunately, the fire fighters persisted and managed to put the fire out in the end.

Jacob's eyes caught sight of the Tao family and the Bai couple with the two bodyguards he sent for Emily's protection in the crowd. Jacob strode forward, grabbed one of the bodyguards by the collar and asked coldly, "Where's Emily? Where is she now?"

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