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   Chapter 222 Who Would Want to Be Related to Her

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"Emily, you keep saying that we should pay attention to what we are saying, then what about you? You call me Mr. Tao and your mother Mrs. Tao. Do you think that is appropriate behavior?" asked Abbott.

"I don't think there is anything wrong with what I said. As for what you said, Mr. Tao, telling me that my parents don't deserve to be my parents is completely inappropriate. They may not be the people who gave birth to me, but they are the ones who raised me, provided me with a roof over my head; kept me fed and clothed; paid for my education. Although you are my biological parents, I don't know anything about you, and vice versa. I have never felt love or care from either of you," answered Emily.

As far as qualifications were concerned, Mr. and Mrs. Tao, who did not meet the necessary qualifications, were not fit to call themselves Emily's parents!

Stunned, these words had rendered Mr. and Mrs. Tao speechless. After a brief pause, Bess added, "We never had the chance, but we assure you that, from now on, we will never let you feel an ounce of neglect..."

"There is no need for that. You have Tina, and my parents have me as their daughter, even though they don't love me as much," she said. With relief in her eyes, Emily turned to Mr. and Mrs. Bai, and smiled with satisfaction. "I will not put the blame on you. You have been kind to me, and to me, you will always be my biological parents, regardless of what any test says. I will care for you when you are old and I will be there to carry out my duties as a daughter even after you have passed," said Emily.

Something in what Emily had said, forced the tears out of Debby's eyes, as they turned red with guilt and remorse. Mr. Bai felt so regretful that he lowered his head, almost burying it on the table, to hide the expression on his face from the rest of the world.

The Bai couples were speechless, choked up by emotions and feelings they didn't know they had.

"Dad, Mom, let's go home," said Emily

"Emily..." When Emily stood up to leave, Bess wanted to dissuade her by saying something, but she could not find the right words. All she could do was helplessly watch Emily turn around to leave...

"Why are you leaving so soon? As one of the persons involved, I've just arrived at the scene." The shrill, bitter voice of a woman caught everyone's attention in the room.

Fashionably late, Tina stepped in with her high-heeled shoes. Her steps were still a little unstable, but she managed to keep her balance des

ing her. She asked the bodyguard to escort Mr. and Mrs. Bai out and turned to the bathroom herself.

Emily gently washed her face, to wash off the distasteful sight of Tina. Five minutes later, when she was about to open the door to leave, she found that the lock was broken from the outside.

A cold and venomous voice came from outside the door, "Emily, you bitch! Go to the hell!"

Emily recognized Tina's shrill voice at once. She banged the door hard, with anger in her voice, and shouted, "Tina, how old are you to play this trick? You are so childish! Open the door quickly!"

Did Tina think it would be useful to lock her up here? They weren't kids playing house!

"You will soon know what trick I am playing," said Tina, tapping on the door with her fingers, as she gave a cold laugh and walked away rhythmically on her high heels.

"Hello! Hello, hello, hello! Tina!" Emily kept yelling Tina's name, but Tina simply ignored her. Tina's footsteps were getting farther and farther away, and soon she was gone.

Emily pulled out her phone from the pocket, and tried to make a call for help. Unfortunately, there was no signal in the bathroom. Helpless, she had to resort to banging on the door fervently, hoping that someone would hear her.

Not knowing how long it had passed, her hands had swollen from the constant banging on the door, but no one came by.

Strangely enough, Emily could clearly hear noises coming from the outside, indicating that she wasn't alone there. She persisted and carried on making noise, trying to catch someone's attention, but no one responded.

Then what the devil was this? And what on earth did Tina want to do?

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