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   Chapter 221 You're My Real Daughter

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"Tina Tao!" He called her full name loud and clear.

Tina looked into his eyes and without any fear faced him again, "I said, get out!"

Mark couldn't believe that after all he had done for her, she could treat him in this way. He was hurt and felt pain into his chest, turning his anger into burning agony.

"Okay, I'll go." He clenched his fists, but loosened them quickly. Then he turned away and went out without looking back at her once.

"BANG!" Tina instantly shut the door. Then she lied down on her bed.

When she woke up she heard some noise coming from the hallway, so she opened slightly the door and looked out. A couple of huge bodyguards in a black suit were standing by her door. Mark must have ordered them to keep an eye on her. Irritated and disappointed, she avoided the two guards, slipped out of their sight and then she left the hotel.

In the meantime, it was time for Emily to meet Bess.

Jacob drove Emily to her destination, then he went back to his office. He wanted to go inside with Emily, but she assured him that it was better for her to go alone. She didn't want him to piss off Abbott and Bess. But still, he sent two bodyguards to protect Emily.

Before knowing that Abbott and Bess were Emily's biological parents, Jacob wasn't really getting along with them. Sometimes he had even been pretty rude. But now that the truth was unveiled, everything had changed. Now, if Emily would get closer with them, he would get to know them better and he didn't think it would be a good idea to be rude to them in front of Emily. Even though he really didn't care about their feelings, he cared about Emily's.

Abbott and Bess arranged the meeting in a very luxurious restaurant, renting the whole floor for this occasion. Mr. Tao was also present and Andrew and Debby arrived shortly after. Everyone was waiting for Emily's arrival.

When Emily entered the restaurant she found all of them already sitting down. She could feel some eyes staring hastily at her when she came in, but she didn't care.

'Is this my family then?' Emily thought.

She sat down quietly. Everyone's eyes were still on her. Andrew and Debby did not mutter a word, after all, they had almost nothing to do with this meeting. Plus, they were quite embarrassed to be in front of one of the most powerful and rich families of Jingshi Ci

, "You haven't told me yet what are you going to do with Tina."

Abbott frowned when she named Tina. He reminded what Jacob had told him previously and answered, "Clearly Tina will always be our daughter. She will stay with us. We will be a family all together."

Jacob had this right. If he was here to hear what Abbot just said he wouldn't be surprised. Jacob even would refute Abbott's words and piss him off.

His words upset Emily and her smile disappeared, "You still love Tina. You want me to come back though, why so?"

Bess sighed as if she already knew that every word they said were only a waste of time. Emily wouldn't change what she had in mind. Then she intervened, "My girl, why don't you understand us? You are our flesh and blood. Of course we want you to come back with us."

"Mrs. Tao, you want to keep Tina with you and you want me to go back as well. Then, what about my parents? If both of us were to stay with you, they would remain alone. It is not really fair, isn't it?" Jacob himself had said those words to the Taos. It was very much like the two of them decided what to say before coming there.

The "parents" Emily was referring to were Andrew and Debby, who were sitting aside quietly. If Emily hadn't mentioned them, they would've almost forgotten they were even there.

Abbott glanced at the couple and snorted coldly, "Can they be called 'parents'?"

Andrew and Debby bowed their head without saying anything.

Emily went dark in the face almost instantly and replied promptly, "Mr. Tao! Please mind what you say."

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