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   Chapter 214 No One Loved Emily More Than He Did

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8871

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Jacob squinted at Emily, the fire glowing in his eyes, like an olympic torch. The next minute he grabbed Emily's hands and pressed his lips on her mouth and then her chin.

With Emily's collar being tugged aside by Jacob, he kissed everywhere, from her exposed snowy neck down to her collarbone, to her shoulders...

"No... Stop...I have to go..." Emily complained, trying to push Jacob away. However, soon she had to give up because she was being kissed by him so hard that she could not struggle any more.

She could only feel the wardrobe shaking and swaying, back and forth, before it finally stopped after nearly an hour.

When Jacob carried Emily from the wardrobe to the bed, she felt completely exhausted, like she was going to have a breakdown.

She wobled up and murmured, "You jerk. My mom's waiting for me. Did you do that on purpose? Huh?"

Before she finished whining, Jacob turned her over, pressed his entire body on her again and said, "One more time."

"No... No more... Get off."

Emily tried to refuse Jacob, but then her voice turned into murmurs as Jacob continued to invade her without heeding her refusal.

When everything was over, Emily was too exhausted to think of anything else. Soon she drifted off to sleep, leaving everything behind.

After kissing Emily's forehead softly, Jacob walked out of the bedroom. Just a few minutes before he left, he coaxed Emily into taking a shower to wash the sweat off of her body before he got her into the bed and covered her with a quilt.

"Stay outside the room. When she wakes up, bring her some warm food," Jacob told his butler.

"I will, Mr. Jacob."

After speaking with the butler, Jacob left his mansion and drove to the address Debby had given Emily.

Several minutes later, Jacob arrived at the destination. The moment he walked toward the room and pushed open the door, he saw Abbott and his wife sitting inside. Almost immediately his face darkened.

'Just as I expected, they are controlling everything behind the stage, ' thought Jacob.

Abbott and Bess were distraught waiting for Emily. When the door was pushed open, they had their hearts in their mouth. However, they were surprised and disappointed to find that the person who walked in was Jacob.

"Well. It seems like you are disappointed to see me here," Jacob said, walking towards the couple. With no emotion in his eyes, he first stared at the couple; then when he noticed Debby, who was cowering in the corner, silently, he chuckled.

Abbott and Bess were beyond disappointed, as they had expected to see their daughter, but now Jacob was standing in front of them, all by himself.

llow anyone to take her away from me!' he told himself.

Jacob's voice pierced the mind of Abbott and Bess. When they raised their heads and saw the coldness in Jacob's eyes, they felt the hair on their skin rise up.

'Jacob really is a tough nut to crack, ' thought Abbott.

The Tao couple wondered whether it was good or bad for Emily to be loved by Jacob. It seemed that Emily lived an enviable life with Jacob, but, if she ever displeased him accidentally, they feared she might be thrown into the abyss.

Nevertheless, Abbott would not give up the idea of taking Emily back home. Furthermore, he would do everything in his power to break up the relationship between Emily and Jacob!

At this moment, it was evident that the negotiations between him and Jacob had broken down.

Jacob had no intentions of staying in the room for another minute. He glared at Debby, who was still cowering with fear in the corner, as if he wanted to tear her to pieces with his cold gaze.

"And you," he said to Debby, and added, "You raised Emily. If not for that reason, I wouldn't have spared your life so easily!"

Immediately, Debby understood the real meaning of Jacob's words.

"I didn't mean to do it. Please forgive me," Debby pleaded, lowering her head as she was afraid that Jacob would kill her if she looked at him directly.

Having lost all his patience with Debby, Jacob said, "Get lost now. By the way, if you admire the Tao family so much, I suggest you beg them to adopt you. After all, they are eager to have another daughter."

Jacob's words infuriated both Abbott and Bess, as their faces contorted with anger. Debby quickly stood up and walked towards the door. "I will get lost at once, yes, at once," she kept murmuring on her way out.

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