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   Chapter 212 Are You Silly

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At the VIP Ward of the People's Hospital.

Tina was lying on bed, pale as a ghost, waiting for the blood transfusion. No one noticed a doctor sneaked into her ward. Perhaps because the person looked like a doctor, everyone just assumed he was a doctor. With a syringe in his hand, he was just about to stab one of Tina's veins...

"What are you doing? " Mark shouted in confusion. He had just walked out of the ward for some air, and when he was walking back, he noticed this doctor sneaking in.

However, when Mark tried to stop him, several people came in and grabbed Mark from behind. When Mark turned around he found Jacob standing there, staring at him coldly.

"Jacob, stop him right now!" Mark shouted angrily, "Anyone there? Where are you guys?"

'Where are those bodyguards? Crap! I won't let Jacob hurt Tina!'

"How much blood did you draw from Emily? I'll take twice the amount of that from Tina!" Jacob said coldly and fiercely.

"No! No way! She'll die!" Mark struggled fiercely and got away from the people who were holding him back. He rushed to Tina's bed and pushed the fake doctor away.

"Get out of my way," Jacob sneered, "I must take her blood today!"

"No way!" Mark cried out in refusal.

"Mr. Tao, we're ready to proceed with the the blood transfusion..." A nurse said, as she just walked into the room with a bag of blood in her hands. But when she walked in and saw what was happening here, she was stunned. She exclaimed, "What... what's going on here?"

Jacob noticed the blood bag and asked, "Is this Emily's blood? Give it to me."

Mark screamed at the nurse, "Do not give it to him!"

The nurse hid the blood bag behind her back and shook her head at Jacob.

Jacob glanced at her coldly, and threatened, "If you don't give it to me willingly, we'll snatch it from you. But I can't promise whether you'll get hurt or not."

When all of Jacob's bodyguards stared at the nurse coldly, she got frightened and surrendered the bag of blood to Jacob. "... If you don't use it any time soon, remember to keep it frozen..." she murmured.

Jacob, held the blood bag in his hand and smiled victoriously. "Okay, you can leave now," he said.

The nurse wasted no time, as she scampered out of the room as if she were being chased away by a wild animal.


none of your concern! You almost lose your own life!"

"I'm sorry, Jacob; please forgive me..." Emily raised her head and pleaded. She added, "I don't know what I was thinking, but I promise that it will never happen again..."

"There better not be a next time!" he asserted

"No, no, there won't!" she answered. Emily hugged Jacob tightly, as she rested her face on his firm chest. She drew warmth from his body, as the love from his embrace slowly brought her back to life.

'You see, there is a person who loves me selflessly, sincerely and unconditionally.'

Although the cold winter wind was blowing outside, here inside Emily's heart, the summer sun was shining bright as ever.

Jacob knew that Emily was lying to him. But since she didn't want to tell him, he decided not to force her. In any case, he was more than capable of finding out the truth by himself.

Jacob hugged Emily tightly. He rested his chin on her head and said, "I forbid you to do such things anymore. You belong to me, in all your entirety, including your blood, hair and even your fingernails, understand?"

Jacob said assertively and then he squeezed Emily's rosy cheeks as punishment.

Emily winked at him and asked, "So I can't cut my hair or fingernails?"

"Only I can cut them for you," Jacob declared.

Although it was not a conventional way of expressing love, Emily still blushed red and felt the warmth of his love inside her heart, "... I'm not a puppy. I can do it myself... Hahaha," Emily said and then burst out laughing.

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