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   Chapter 211 She Wanted His Hug

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7999

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Emily was feeling very dizzy, but she still managed to pull herself together. She stood up and hailed a taxi. The moment she got back to her apartment, she fell straight to the floor.

She stumbled, unable to get up due to the pain on her knees. Her nose twitched, and she couldn't hold back the tears again.

'Why am I always crying? Why am I so useless?' Emily kept blaming herself.

It took Emily a while before she stopped crying and sat up straight on the ground. When she pulled her pants up, she realized that there was blood on her knees. Discomforted by pain, she decided to give Jacob a call.

Jacob answered the phone almost immediately. "How are you, sweetheart?" said Jacob, tenderly.

Emily broke down to his soft and loving voice. All the sadness and grievances suddenly welled up in her eyes. "J..Jacob," she cried.

Jacob immediately sensed the fragility in her voice, and his tone became serious. He asked, "What happened? Did someone hurt you? Tell me."

"No...Nobody," Emily sniffed. Jacob's voice gave her the tender, loving comfort she needed to overcome her predicaments. "... I miss you. I miss you like crazy," she said.

"What? You're crying for me now?" he asked. Jacob giggled and soothed her. He said, "I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You little twerp."

"Emm... I fell and hurt myself," Emily said, coquettishly.

"Where did you get hurt? You need to be more careful," Jacob chided her, while his heart ached for her at the same time.

"The knees," answered Emily. While checking her wounds, she broke down in tears again. Emily sobbed and complained repeatedly, "It's bleeding, and it's so painful."

"Have you visited the hospital?" Jacob asked. Jacob felt like someone was driving a jagged knife to his heart, as he listened to Emily's sad and fragile voice. Emily was a tough girl. She hardly let any wound bring her down, unless something really bad happened to her...

Emily whimpered, "I...I can't walk."

"Fine, I'm coming over now. Just wait for me," Jacob said.

"Hmm..." she answered. Emily knew that her wound wasn't so bad. Any other day, she would have ignored it very easily. However, she had grown tired of pretending to be strong, and all she wanted was Jacob to be at her side.

She wanted his hugs and kisses, and perhaps then she wouldn't feel the sadness any more. At that very moment, she realized how

and forced him to repeat his words again.

"Mr. Jacob, as gentlemen we should try to work out our problems with our words, and not with violence. Miss Tina from the Tao clan indeed shares the same blood type with Miss Emily..." Soon after, Jacob let go of his collar. "I hope you are not thinking of taking blood from her. Miss Tina has lost too much blood because of a car accident. I am afraid it would be highly unlikely that..." the dean suggested.

'It's more than that. They would be insane to even try it!'

"Shut up!" Jacob cut his words short. "Give her a small amount of infusion just to sustain her life for the time being. Be sure to keep an eye on her. I need to go out for a while, but I will be back soon," Jacob explained before walking out of the dean's room.

"Mr. Jacob, please don't do something stupid..." However, Jacob was so quick that he had disappeared before the dean could finish his words. The dean comforted himself, 'Okay, that's it. I have done all I can, and my conscience is clean...'

Jacob leaned on the side of his car and lit a cigarette. The smoke he exhaled gradually blurred his face, concealing his facial expression. A few seconds later, he made a phone call, and soon learned that Emily was seen at the hospital where Tina was being kept. He lost control over his temper, and smashed his phone on the sidewalk.

He flicked his cigarette to the ground and stepped on it with his leather shoes, grinding it angrily. 'The Tao clan...

How dare they do something like that right under my nose! Taking blood from Emily?

Well, well, well!'

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