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   Chapter 210 This Winter Is So Cold

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"You... Why on earth did you do it then?"

Bess asked, even though she found it difficult to express her feelings with words. She really did not understand why Debby would give away one of her own daughters. If Debby preferred boys to girls, why bother exchanging them as both were girls?

Perhaps if Debby exchanged the girls because she had given birth to a sick baby, then it have been reasonable, but Tina was born with good health. Why would Debby bother giving her way? It didn't make any sense!

One could say, kindness and wealth limited Bess's imagination.

"It was because... It was because my husband and mother-in-law preferred boys. After they found out that I gave birth to a baby girl, they threatened to kill the baby so that we would try again... I was desperate. I was forced to..." Debby explained.

It turned out that Debby had made a good choice. Under the Tao family's care, Tina had a good life as she was treated like a princess.

As for Emily, Debby cared for her too, albeit, out of guilt at the beginning. Although their love for Emily was questionable, Emily had a happy and healthy upbringing. Eventually, as time went by, even the guilt had faded away.

"Your baby is innocent, while isn't mine? You knew clearly that your husband and mother-in-law preferred boys, and yet, you still decided to exchange my girl with yours..." said Bess. Her world was going to collapse upon hearing what Debby had said.

"I'm sorry... But I was never mean to Emily. I brought her up with love and provided her with a good education. I treated her the same way you treated Tina. We made sure that all her needs were met..." Debby explained. In Debby's perspective, her mistake was not as serious as Bess had made it out to be. She was never mean to Emily. All she did was just exchange the girls.

"How could that be the same!" Bess yelled. Furious, she screamed at Debby with red-rimmed eyes, "You took away my biological daughter from me!"

"Mr. and Mrs. Tao, the result is here. Miss Bai... is your biological daughter," the doctor reported. The doctor's words were like nails piercing through Mr. and Mrs. Tao's hearts.

Sure enough, eventually!

Bess took the report from the doctor, seething in anger. If it were not for Tina's accident, she might have never known the truth! The girl who just transfused blood to Tina was actually their biological daughter!

Abbott looked over the two reports thoroughly and carefully. One was t

nt to stop herself.

Bess still did not give up. She insisted, "Then I'll ask the driver to drive you home, okay?"

"No need," answered Emily. Emily even did not reply with "thanks" this time. She could not help being impatient as the stress from everything around her was starting to get to her head. She had no energy to deal with Bess.

As soon as the Taos left, Emily walked out of the hospital with Debby soon after. When she got out, she started to stagger. "Mom, can you please hold me..." she said.

Debby, however, seemed to be preoccupied with her own concerns. She kept looking back at the hospital. "Emily, please take a taxi home. I'll give you all the answers later, but Tina is still in the hospital, and I'm really worried about her..." Debby insisted.

Frustrated, Emily's expression turned sour. As if someone had poured cold water over her. "Do you think the members of the Tao family will let you stay there?" she asked.

"... I'll hide myself quietly and go back as soon as she is awake, okay?" Debby said eagerly. She was afraid that Emily wouldn't agree so she urged her, "You can understand me, right?"

Emily's eyes lowered to the ground. Her long eyelashes covered her emotions. She said, "... Yeah, go ahead and remember to be careful..."

Before Emily even finished her words, Debby had already turned around and started walking back towards the hospital.

"You really cared about her so much..." Emily ridiculed herself, as she fell to the ground on her knees. She buried her face in her hands. Tears dripped through her fingers down to the ground and froze into ice.

'This winter... Is so cold.'

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