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   Chapter 208 They All Know About It

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Debby was too nervous to look Abbott in the eye. The panicked expression on her face showed her guilty consciousness. Only then did she realize what she had done. "She...she's right, Mr. Abbott. I'm just speaking nonsense. Mrs. Bess is right. We should wait until Tina is safe and sound..."

As soon as she had finished her words, she tried to sneak away, but Abbott immediately had people to bring her back "Sorry, ma'am. I think you had better stay here for a while," he said to Debby.

"We should all get our blood type tested." Mark finally broke his silence, and said, "We should at least give it a try."

Bess was surprised by Mark's words, especially when the doctor just mentioned that blood cannot be transfused between immediate family members. "How could you believe that woman's words? Your sister is..." Bess tried to persuade him.

"Anything is possible. There's no harm in trying," Mark said with determination.

Eventually Abbott and Bess were persuaded by Mark. Although they were still astounded by Debby's words, it was not the right time for argument. After all, Tina's safety was the most important thing at the moment!

Everyone went to get their blood type tested, and the results came out quite quickly. Between the four of them, Mark and Abbott had the same blood type, while Debby and Bess shared the same blood type with Tina.

To ensure the safety of blood transfusion, both of their blood samples were sent to have a DNA paternity test.

Bess waited anxiously, as she was a bit nervous about the results. She even wondered if she really wanted to see the results at all or not..

Meanwhile, Debby crossed her hands tight around her chest, whilst worrying about the exposure of her identity and the safety of Tina. Needless to say, she was caught between a rock and a hard place.

Although it didn't take long, every second was like a heavy burden for everyone to bear.

Soon, the doctor handed the test result over. He looked at the two nervous women, with a complex expression on his face. "Ladies, I have got the result in my hand. The one who has consanguinity with Miss Tina... is Mrs. Debby over here," said the doctor.

It was as if the doctor had dropped an atomic bomb, devastating every person in the room with its blast.

't believe that Mark didn't have a hand in all the treacherous crimes Tina had committed, including kidnapping her parents. Yet there he was, pretending to be remorseful. They were just planning on using her, weren't they?

When Mark saw the reluctance in Emily's eyes, his eyes became sharper. Deep down, he was thinking, 'I don't care what it takes, Emily has to give her blood to Tina, whether she likes it or not. Even if someone needs to knock her out!'

"Ms. Emily, please save my daughter..." Bess supplicated. She couldn't help begging Emily, with a humble attitude.

Abbott sighed deeply and urged, "Ms. Emily, so long as you can save my daughter, I am willing to give you anything you ask for. The only catch is that you have to save my daughter..."

Emily was at a loss. Their love for Tina made her a little envious.

Emily noticed how Tina's parents were willing to bend down from high places for their daughter... Tina was lucky to have such loving parents and a caring brother. Even Emily's parents cared for her...

However, she wondered what her mother was doing there amongst the Taos. Then it occurred to her...

"They... all know about it?" Emily turned around and asked Debby.

Debby bit her lips and nodded cowardly.

'Indeed, impatience can lead to trouble! Although Tina's family knew that Tina was not their own daughter, they still cared for her.'

Emily couldn't explain her envy for Tina.

As long as she could remember, her parents never cared for her in the same way.

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