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   Chapter 207 The Most Beautiful and Romantic Love Letter

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7664

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After contemplating on it for a while, Emily smiled and ridiculed herself for thinking of such things. She shook her head and continued watching the fireworks in the sky.

'It's so beautiful. I wonder if Jacob can see such beautiful fireworks from his place? What's he doing now?'

Emily wondered. "Crack", a firework set off in the sky. Its fiery sparks whipped the sky, bursting through the night, like brilliant inks of light on a canvas of stars.

Emily looked up with wonder. The burning colours looked glorious and vibrant, as the blazing trails curved above, drawing a pattern into the sky ---- 'Emily. Happy New Year'. The colourful words spread over the vast emptiness, almost covering the skies of Jingshi City in its entirety. To put it simply, it was breathtaking.

"So beautiful..." Stunned, Emily's eyes witnessed the beauty, when suddenly she heard the ringing of her phone. She picked it up and answered, "Hello..."

"Happy New Year, sweetheart!" The charming voice soothed Emily's ears, as if she could almost feel his loving presence.

Emily, couldn't help smiling as she said, "Happy New Year, Jacob."

"Did you see the fireworks?" he asked. His captivating voice illustrated his pleasing smile through the phone.

"Yes, it's fantastic," answered Emily. From the smallest details to grand gestures, only Jacob would spare no effort to bring a smile in Emily's face.

"Then look and listen carefully... Emily, I like you so much," Jacob said.

Almost in an instant, Emily's cheeks flushed red. Suddenly, another firework exploded in the sky again, forming colorful words, like painting on black canvas---- 'Emily, I like you so much'.

Another round of glittering fireworks exploded in the sky and lit up the night. Each time they would form different typefaces.

'Emily, I miss you so much'.

'Emily, you are the light in my heart'.

'Emily, you are my one and only'.


Jacob repeated every word in a gentle way, sounding like a grand concerto of violoncellos in Emily's ear. She could hear his voice clearly, even through the sound of the fireworks.

The vivid colors ignited the otherwise black sky for a long time, and gradually Jacob's voice became husky.

"Emily, I love you." The last sentence finally disappeared in sky right aft

ina's safety. She rushed to the doctor and insisted, "Doctor! Please, use my blood to save her! I'm her mother. My blood will match hers for sure!"

"Ma'am, I need you to calm down," the doctor replied. The doctor looked at everyone present in a humble manner. He wasn't quite sure what was happening but he patiently explained, "Immediate family members cannot transfuse blood with their children because it could have an adverse reaction which may lead to death."

"But how? It should not be like this..." she broke down. Debby couldn't believe her luck. If the doctor was telling the truth, not only did she fail to save Tina, but she also exposed Tina's secret to everyone in the Tao family.

'What should I do? How can I fix this?' Perhaps, I can pretend to be insane?' Debby thought in her mind.

Without wasting anytime, Mark exclaimed, "The woman must be stark raving mad. I'll have the guards escort her out of the building!"

Mark was about to call the guards when his father stopped him, abruptly!

"Hold on!" said Abbott. Abbott had gentle and easygoing disposition, but he was not a foolish man. He figured that there couldn't be smoke without fire. He hardened his voice and asked, "Who on earth are you? What do you mean by saying Tina is your daughter?"

"Why are you so concerned about this now?" interrupted Bess. She nudged Abbott on the shoulder and continued, "Our daughter is waiting for the blood transfusion. If you really want to find out the truth, wait until Tina has passed the crisis!"

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