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   Chapter 206 Was I Adopted

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Updated: 2019-03-10 00:58

"Emily, you are so lucky," said Tina, as she patted the bunny in her arms. Tina looked at the bunny with a sense of eerie tenderness.

The white bunny rubbed its face against her palm, not knowing that it was in danger. The next moment, Tina choked the rabbit's neck so hard that blue veins popped out from the back of her hand.

The helpless rabbit struggled hard in her hand finding it hard to breathe. It kicked and squeaked desperately, but it wasn't able to break free.

"My lady, here are the scissors..." Tracy said. Never did Tracy think that she would see such a scene when she handed the pair of scissors to Tina. Astonished, she screamed out from the top of her voice, "My lady! What are you doing?"

Tina threw the dying rabbit to the ground and grabbed the scissors from Tracy's hand. She relentlessly stabbed the rabbit's soft belly with the scissors and cut it open.

The scarlet blood gushed out in a constant flow, in time with the beating of the rabbit's heart. The blood flowed through her fingers and oozed under her hand, thick and strong, "Ah!" cried Tracy as she watched Tina's brutality with horror. She was so scared that she froze right where she stood.

Tina glared at Tracy wrathfully as if she was displeased with Tracy for shouting out so loudly. "What are you shouting for? Do you want to be treated in the same way as this rabbit?" Tina yelled at Tracy.

Horrified, Tracy immediately covered her mouth with both hands, trembling with fear.

Tina was gradually becoming more and more deranged. She felt no remorse or fear when she ripped open the guts of the rabbit and watched it die right in front of her eyes. If Tracy didn't misread Tina's expressions, she just saw a smile of pleasure on Tina's face when she cut the rabbit open. Her smile was so demonic. It drove shivers down Tracy's spine just thinking about it.

How did Miss Tina come to be such a cruel person? Should she have told Mr. Mark about it?

Just as Tracy was mulling it over, she heard a familiar voice with a heavy tone come from behind. "What's going on here?"

"Master Mark! Lady Tina..." Tracy mumbled as she turned around and noticed Mark. His presence gave her a sense of relief, as if she had seen her savior.

However, Mark didn't looked at her, instead he walked straight to Tina. Then, he squatted down beside Tina and asked in an extremely gentle tone, "Who has made you so

ve to keep it a secret from Emily.

Emily didn't mind Debby visiting Tina, but just advised her to take care of herself. Nonetheless, she could never treat Tina as her sister after all the miseries Tina had brought upon her.

It would be better for the both of them if they never found out that they were sisters. Tina didn't know the truth, and she... she could pretend like she didn't know neither.

'I just need to stay far...far...far away from her, ' thought Emily.

This was the first New Year's Eve after Emily and Jacob got together. Unfortunately, Jacob had to spend this New Year's Eve with his family and he could not bring her to his family home.

Jacob had to spend every New Year's Eve and every Spring Festival in his house where there were all kinds of people and all kinds of unpredictably dangerous situations. He didn't want Emily to be in danger, so he decided to keep her away from his family.

The clock would soon start a new cycle and a brand new year was just around the counter.

However, Emily was not interested in this years festivities at all. She sat blankly on the balcony and watched the fireworks in the sky. After a while, she peeked into the living room, only to find that Debby had sneaked out of the house, while Andrew was sitting in the living room, watching TV and drinking on his own, laughing out loud from time to time.

"She must have gone to visit Tina again," murmured Emily, looking a little disappointed. How could she don't mind her mother caring more about another person than her? 'Was I actually adopted?' Emily couldn't help thinking.

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