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   Chapter 204 Lies And Truth

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7237

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After wrapping up their affairs, Jacob took Emily back to Jingshi City, Z country. On arrival at the Jingshi City, Emily felt as if she had left this city for hundreds of years. She really missed everyone and everything here.

The first thing she wanted to do was, visit her parents. Jacob, reluctantly drove her to their temporary accommodation.

When she arrived at their door, Emily saw her parents sitting on the sofa. She shouted excitedly, "Dad, mom, I'm back!"

Andrew and Debby raised their heads and saw Emily, who was walking towards them. However, instead of looking happy, they looked very surprised.

Emily went to Debby to seek comfort, just like she did when she was a child, but sadly, Debby's look threw cold water on her face.

'They... don't look so happy to have me back. Why can't I see any signs of happiness on their faces?'

Emily thought, sorrowfully. Having noticed Emily's despair, Jacob glanced at Andrew and Debby coldly

The look on Jacob's eyes seemed to have brought them back to their senses as they realized that they should have behaved like they were happy. With smiles on their faces, they both stood up immediately and said, "Emily, you're back! Do you know how worried we were about you? We're so happy that you're safe! So happy!"

Debby even tried to hug Emily, but Emily, although unintentionally wanted to avoid it, still forced herself to hug Debby back, reluctantly.

Forced by the pressure Jacob was asserting, Andrew also hugged Emily unwillingly, expressing his concern for his "daughter". He said, "Emily, I've been worrying about you a lot. From now on, you must be careful and take care of yourself when you go out..."

Jacob gave their cold stares again. He knew that they were faking their feelings for Emily, but he didn't call them out. After all, they were still Emily's parents, and she have been desiring for their love, even though, they didn't love her.

What baffled him the most was why they couldn't love their daughter? If not for Emily, Jacob would have never visited this greedy couple and treated them with respect. 'What are they planning for? What do they want?

I will find out

ep breath and said, "I have questions to ask you. If we don't talk about them, I can't fall asleep tonight."

Speaking frankly, Emily left no chance for Debby to avoid the conversation. She surrendered and replied, "... What do you want to know, Emily?"

"It's about Tina... Why did you rush to protect her that day? Do you have some kind of relationship with her that I am not aware of?" Debby's desperate behavior that day broke Emily's heart. She couldn't understand why her mother would treat her like that.

'It's me... I am her daughter! Not Tina!'

Debby's face contorted. She seemed to be suffering from great pain. "Actually... Tina is your sister!" she said.

'My sister? '

Stunned, Emily's eyes opened widely. Although, she had guessed it, she was still uncertain, but now, having heard it straight from her mother, Emily found it difficult to accept the truth. "What do you mean, mom?" she asked.

Trying hard to sound convincing, Debby explained, "Emily, a few years after you were born, your father and I had another daughter. But since your father preferred boys to girls, he gave away Tina to another family, without letting me know...

He gave away Tina to the Tao Family. If it were not for what happened, your father and I would never known that Tina is our daughter... Emily, can you understand how I felt? My daughter was standing right in front of me, but I couldn't tell her that I'm her real mother..."

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