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   Chapter 202 Be With Me Forever

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Jacob took a deep breath and walked towards Emily with his long legs. He pulled the quilt over her bare legs, and asked, "Hmm… Aren't you feeling cold?"

Emily shook her head and moved the quilt away. "No, I'm fine," she answered.

In truth, they both felt that the temperature in the room was quite warm.

Jacob looked away from Emily's legs and sat down on the bed, then he held Emily in his arms, covering both of them with the quilt. "Keep it on, or you might catch cold," he said sternly.

"Eh…" Emily didn't contradict him. However, when Jacob reached out to turn off the lights, she immediately stopped him, "Don't turn off the lights."

"Why? Are you afraid of the dark?" asked Jacob in a concerned tone. He was worried that, perhaps, Emily was still recovering from her mental trauma.

"No," Emily replied quickly, then she looked away, hemming and hawing. "I… I don't want to sleep now… I can't sleep…" she said.

When Jacob heard her words, he looked up at the wall clock. It was three o'clock in the morning. Jacob wondered what Emily was going to do since she didn't want to sleep.

"Jacob, did you miss me all this time?" Emily asked, as her eyes glowed like little fireflies. Her face reddened slowly, however, she stared at Jacob without blinking her eyes, waiting for his answer.

Jacob answered without hesitation, "Of course, yes, I've missed you very much."

Losing Emily, was worse than losing everything Jacob had ever cared for in his entire life. Just the thought of not having her in his life, gave him goosebumps.

Emily bit her lips and lifted the quilt, then she turned over and sat on top of Jacob. With great pleasure, she pulled his handsome face close and kissed him on his luscious lips, whispering in his ear, "I've missed you too."

Her lips were so close to his ears that her breath tickled him, as Jacob's breathing sped up. He put his hands around her slender waist to pull her closer to him, then he asked, "How much did you miss me?"

"I missed you very, very much," replied Emily.

Discomforted, Emily moved a little and unintentionally brushed up against Jacob's groin lightly. As a result, Jacob got excited, as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

"Emily, are you flirting with me?" Jacob asked in a hoarse voice.

Their bodies stuck to each other so closely that it was easy for Jacob to feel out that Emily wasn't wearing anything under her sweater. Every nerve in her body and brain was electrified by


"Be a good girl, and stay here," said Victor.

"No! I'm not going to let this happen. Just stay with me," replied Anne. Teary-eyed, Anne struggled to keep her eyes from bursting out. She turned around to Emily and begged, "Emily, I know Victor was wrong, but it was all because of me! For my sake, please forgive him... I know my request is unreasonable, but I most sincerely hope you will listen to me…

Victor is my one and only. I don't want to lose him…" Anne choked up with emotion, as she looked at Emily, imploringly.

When Anne saw the amount of men Jacob brought with him to rescue Emily, she figured that Jacob was a very powerful man. When she realized how angry Jacob was at Victor, she got worried that Jacob would kill him...

Anne was so stressed out that her breathing became labored, as she started gasping for air.

"Doctor! Doctor!" Victor's face dropped to the floor, panicking, when he saw Anne's face turn purple little by little. Immediately he shouted, "Come here! Save her!"

Emily was also taken aback. She yanked Jacob by the elbow and took him to the side, to get out of the medical staff's way.

Anne was taken to the intensive care unit at once. Everyone else, apart from the medical staff were asked to stay out.

Victor leaned against the cold wall without any expression on his face. As time went on, he slowly slid down to the ground. He lowered his head, and buried his face between his knees, where he stayed, motionless.

Emily had never seen Victor so desperate and helpless, like he had lost all his reason for staying alive. Seeing him like that, broke Emily's heart, as she felt sympathetic.

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