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   Chapter 200 Emily Is Not Here

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Updated: 2019-03-08 05:04

In another ward.

Emily sat up on her bed lost in thoughts, as sleep eluded her. Yet for some inexplicable reason there was a strange calmness in her mind.

Although the surgery was just a few hours away, Emily did not feel nervous or terrified. She believed, deeply in her heart, that Jacob would find her and come to her rescue at the last minute.

Sometimes, a woman's intuition could be a magical thing.

Suddenly, someone pushed the thick wooden door of Emily's room wide open.

Emily turned around and saw that it was just another doctor. When she turned around again in disappointment, the doctor said to her,"Miss Bai, I'm here to help you escape."

"What?" exclaimed Emily, as her eyes widened. Emily could not believe her ears as she looked at the doctor again earnestly. When the doctor unveiled her face, she realized that it was the same girl who had helped Anne and Emily escape the other day by disguising herself as one of them.

"Miss Anne sent you to help me, right?" asked Emily.

"Yes, we have no time. Please follow me, Miss Bai. I have dealt with the safeguards outside and the CCTV cameras have been jammed. As for the locator in your body..." The woman briefly explained everything to Emily, while slowly removing the locator from her body with caution.

In truth, Emily was convinced by the woman but still, she kept vigilant.

The woman knew what Emily was thinking as she said,"I'm waiting for your decision, Miss Bai."

The sun was going to rise in a few hours. Time was of the essence, as she was soon going to be lying on a bed helplessly and unwillingly waiting to have the operation, if no one had come to her rescue.

'Anne did not want to have the heart transplant, so she has no reason to harm me. Moreover, this woman had already helped me once...'

After careful consideration, Emily expressed her decision quickly and said,"Okay, I'll go with you."

Everything was smooth sailing after that. Emily did not know how Anne had managed to pull it off, but all the safeguards that were installed to monitor Emily's movements were gone. The whole hospital was quite and empty.

Before long, they found themselves at the gate of the hospital. Driven by adrenaline, Emily strode faster and faster, thinking of what had happened the last time she tried to escape. Having learnt her lesson, she did not want to waste even one second in that place.

In her feverish haste, Emily didn't notice the

not here!" she screamed at him.

Jacob finally looked at Anne, with gloom in his eyes. He asked,"So where is Emily now?"

"How would I know? She has just escaped from here!" yelled Anne.

"Escaped?" Obviously, Jacob couldn't take her word for it.

Fearing that Jacob would hurt Victor, Anne stood before Jacob and said in a cold, stern voice,"I pity Emily for having you as her boyfriend. What took you so long to find her? She was much wiser to have saved herself!"

Exasperated, Jacob's face darkened as his glare on Anne grew more malicious and unforgiving.

However, Anne was not threatened by his disposition, as she stared back at him and said,"What are you looking at? Why are you still standing here? Why don't you go and find Emily right now! Are you planning to sleep with us here?"

Dumbfounded, Jacob didn't have any words to face up to Anne's moxie. 'This woman... is insufferable.'

Jacob snickered. Then he ordered some of his men to stay back and keep an eye on Victor and while he led the others to search the whole city for Emily.

Almost an hour after Jacob had left, Victor finally woke up. When his drowsy eyes fell upon the strangers at the gate, the first thing that came to his mind was Anne. He quickly looked around and instantly felt relieved at the sight of Anne sleeping soundly close by.

Seeing the people outside, Victor immediately knew that they were working for Jacob. To his surprise, Jacob had managed to find Emily sooner than he thought he would. Victor knew that the truth would eventually come to light, sooner or later, no matter how hard he tried to keep it concealed.

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