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   Chapter 199 I Don't Regret It

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Victor kissed her affectionately, tears threatening to blur his vision, when Anne reached out and held his hands. Her hands were soft and warm, reassuring almost, as if she had sensed his desperation. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him close, gently kissing his trembling lips. The kiss made the room warmer somehow, her future within its walls seeming a little less bleak.

Victor tasted mixed flavors of salt and bitterness, but he didn't care because all he could focus on was the liquid warmth that was quickly spreading through his body. He looked at Anne's sorrowful eyes, and kissed away her tears tenderly. His heartache was like a hungry beast eating his bleeding heart. It threatened to devour him, eat him whole and leave nothing but scraps behind.

"Hang on for a bit longer. For my sake, just hang on, please... I need you to live longer..." Victor whispered.

At that moment, Victor had abandoned all his confidence, arrogance and superiority. Humbled by desperation, he was just a common man pleading for his beloved to stay with him.

His loneliness swallowed every one of hope he had yet to spare. As a desperate cry for help, he implored,"Anne, I love you with all my heart. So, please..."

After a while, Anne silently closed her eyes and drifted off.

She could not give him the answer he wanted.

What difference would it make even if she had gone through with the heart transplant? She could not live without medicine ever since she was a little girl. Therefore, Anne knew better than anyone else about her own physical strength and limitations.

Anne remembered the wish she had made near the wishing pool when she sneaked out with Emily. She made the wish again silently in her heart, as she lay in her bed with her eyes shut.

'I wish that Victor would find a good girl to be with him and then... then forget about me.'


In another ward, Emily let out two sneezes before wrapping herself tightly with the quilt.

For the sake of Anne's health, Victor originally want to have the operation when both Anne and Emily were in their best physical conditions, but he changed his mind and decided to let go through with the operation as soon as possible to avoid any further deviation to his plans.

Victor knew it well, that, even though he had hid Emily in a secret place, he could not ensure that Jacob would not catch up to them, eventually.

Unfortunately, as a consequence, Emily could not keep on delaying the date of the operation on the pretext of having a cold and fever.

Anne could never bring herself to go on with the operation without Emily's consent. In defiance to V

Anne hid a candy again, a strawberry candy. When Anne tried to reached out for his tongue with hers, Victor could not stay calm anymore.

After the deep and passionate kiss, both Anne and Victor lay on the bed. Anne wrapped her arms around Victor's waist and rested her head on his firm chest. "Sleep with me tonight," said Anne.

Victor sensed something different about her, but he didn't want to ruin the moment by angering her. "Alright," he answered.

"Why did you answer in such an unwilling way?" asked Anne.

"I didn't. I really do want stay with you," answered Victor.

Anne fell in silence for a while before she said,"Have you ever thought about what would happen if I don't make it even after the operation tomorrow?"

Victor felt a sudden, crippling pain in his heart as he thought about what Anne said. Then, he opened his mouth lightly but said in an unwavering tone,"You will survive."

Victor would not let anything bad happened to her. His resolve remained unscathed.

Victor interrupted her and shifted the topic of their conversation, as if he was afraid that Anne would say more bad things. He said,"I'll tell you a bedtime story, alright?"

"No, I want to sleep, and you too," refused Anne.

"Alright," answered Victor. Victor tucked Anne in, and stared at her tenderly. When Victor noticed that Anne was looking at him with her eyes wide open, as if waiting for him to fall asleep, Victor closed his eyes.

Soon, he felt sleepy and he drifted off to sleep.

Ten minutes later.

"Victor? Vick?" asked Anne tentatively. Anne nudged Victor gently, realizing that he was in deep sleep. She sat up and stared at Victor's face. At last, she kissed on Victor's cheek and got out of the bed to make a phone call furtively.

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