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   Chapter 198 You've Been Lying to Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8361

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"M country?" Intrigued, Jacob's eyes widened. All of a sudden, there was a fire in his eyes, that had been reignited. He asked,"Are you sure?"

David sounded extremely calm, without any change in his tone. He said,"I am not sure, but you might as well go and look, right? It's better than doing nothing at all."

For once, Jacob had to admit, David was talking sense. As long as there was hope, even if it were false, he would not let it go.

"Thank you very much," replied Jacob. As Jacob was about to hang up the phone, David decided to open up his feelings to him.

"Jacob, even when you did not respect our friendship before, I still gave you information about Emily. Don't you have anything to say to me now?" he asked Jacob. However, this time, David's approach was not as aggressive or offensive as before. He sounded concerned. "Do you see what it's like when you can't find Emily? You should know by now how I felt when I couldn't find Rita and my child."

The implication in his words were obvious. To put it plainly - I told you the whereabouts of Emily. Therefore, by reciprocity, you should give me some information about Rita.

"That's different," Jacob replied slowly. He continued,"Rita and her son is safe. You don't need to worry about them, but I don't even know if Emily is dead or alive."

David instantly lost his temper. "So you know where she is? I knew it! Jacob, sometimes I really want to strangle you!" he said.

"You wouldn't be able to beat me," Jacob teased, arrogantly.

David shook his head, finding it hard to come up with the right words to respond. Unbelievable! David was so annoyed. He wanted to bash his own head against the wall.

After a few seconds of silence, Jacob spat out two words,"Chuan City." as if they were handouts.

Still drunk with anger, David did not catch what Jacob had said. "What? Wait, what did you say? Hey..."

"Pat!" Jacob didn't feel the need to say anything more to David. As soon as he was done, he slammed the phone down, leaving David hanging on the other side of the call.

'Fuck! What on earth did he say?' "Call the technical department to come over right away, and give me the recording of my last call!" David ordered.

David had finally learned Rita's exact location within moments after Jacob's phone call. He hurried there, wasting no time delaying, while Jacob also went to M Country to continue his search for Emily. The two men did not want to delay for even just a second. They just wanted to fin

became colder and colder, she continued,"I have to live, only because you want me to live. Do you know what kind of life I have been living for the past twenty years? I've been living in pain. All my life. Pain. In the end, I have to watch helplessly as some innocent person's heart gets transferred to me. Only so I can live to keep you happy. Yet I would have to live with the guilt on my conscience for the rest of my life. Victor, may be you can do it, but I can't live like that!"

Anne's words condensed and fashioned itself into a dagger that pierced through Victor's icy, cold heart, making it difficult for him to utter words. "Don't say such things... Please..." he pleaded.

"Victor, Victor, I am sorry, I am really tired..."

Anne's body had grown weaker over the years. In order to stay alive, she had to take injections and medicines everyday, as she endured severe pains from her ailments and numerous open stomach surgeries... In her perspective, good health was an extravagant luxury she was not blessed with.

People's endurance is limited, Anne felt that she may have reached that limit. Even if she wanted to struggle, it would not help.

"Victor, I really need to get some rest, some real peaceful rest. I'm really tired and I don't want to think about anything. I just want to eat strawberry cakes all day..." whispered Anne.

The last brick that had kept Victor's wall of strength standing high for so long had finally been crushed. His bottled up emotions had burst out from within like flood water. He pressed Anne's lips to stop her from talking anymore, as he refused to listen to her desperate words, hacking away at his heart.

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