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   Chapter 196 I Can't Make Too Many Wishes

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 5870

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Emily raised her eyes to see what Anne was pointing to. "Maybe that's a... wishing pool?" said Emily.

Anne ran towards the pool enthusiastically, while Emily was still talking.

"There are so many coins in the pool," said Anne, as she looked at the shining coins, with eyes filled with desire. She tried to reach for them.

"You can't take the coins. These are the wishes of other people," said Emily.

"Fine..." Anne sighed. "I want to make a wish, too," said Anne, as she scoured her pocket and took out two coins. She continued,"One for you, and one for me."

"Thank you," said Emily, as she took the coin, and then threw it into the water. Emily whispered,"If this really works...I wish there are signals when I make the phone call later."

Otherwise, she would have to go to the police station with Anne.

Anne held the coin carefully in her hand and shut her eyes tightly, as she seemed to be making a serious wish. Standing in front of the statue in the center of the pool, she murmured,"I wish that Victor will find his true love, and... forget about me."

Baffled, Emily was surprised by Anne's selflessness.

At the very least, Emily assumed that Anne would wish herself good health, but this... "Why?" asked Emily.

Anne opened her eyes slowly and smiled. "I really hope that he finds someone to be with him when I am gone."

Emily's heart shattered, in an instant. What a stupid girl. "What are you talking about? You are going to live, okay? Here, make another wish," insisted Emily.

"I can't make too many wishes, or none of them will work," she said to Emily, before throwing her coin into the pool.

"Let's go, cutie," she said, then she stroked Emily's face and smiled at her.

However, Emily was too sad to

Anne into his arms and embraced her tightly as if he hadn't seen her in ages.

"How dare you, Emily!" he yelled at Emily, fuming with anger. "Do you know how weak she is? If anything happens to her, you will not get away with it!" Victor threatened.

Disappointed, Emily stood there with a blank expression on her face. "I am really sorry..." she said.

Emily wanted to escape so bad that she didn't take into consideration how bad Anne's condition was.

Anne tried to explain,"Victor, it was all my idea. Emily had nothing to do with it..."

"Hush, Anne," he said. Relieved, Victor eased his nerves, now that he had Anne by his side, but he was also very angry with her. "You are such a child. Let's go back," he said.

Anne had no proper understanding of her physical condition. What if something had happened to her? What if his enemies had gotten to her?!

"No. I will not go back," Anne refused adamantly. Anne did not want to obey Victor. She blamed him for being angry at her. All she wanted to do was have some fun in the outside world.

"Anne," said Victor, as he looked at her with a serious face and continued,"You don't want to do that."

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