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   Chapter 195 A Sweet Girl

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"Hmm… Yes," answered Emily.

"You shouldn't leave me alone after making use of my help to get out of the hospital," said Anne, then she sneezed.

Emily sighed, as she took off her coat and draped it over Anne's shoulders. "Take good care of yourself," she said in a concerned tone.

Anne burst into laughter, revealing two beautiful dimples on her cheeks. She said,"Cutie, you are so sweet, just like Victor."

Emily couldn't help but laugh, as she said,"I have to go now. I'm going to meet my lover, goodbye."

After bidding farewell to Anne, Emily turned around to leave, but Anne caught Emily's sweater sleeve, and asked,"If you go, what shall I do? I don't know how to get back to the hospital. I will be lost without you."

Frustrated, Emily could not think of a solution that would be mutually beneficial.

'If you know you have no sense of direction, why did you come out?' thought Emily.

Anne stared at Emily with puppy dog eyes. With a soft tone she insisted,"Can you take me with you? Please, don't leave me here alone …"

Emily hesitated, but she couldn't deny that, without Anne's help she would not have been able to escape from the hospital. In an act of desperation, Emily decided to bring Anne along with her. In truth, Anne had no sense of direction, if she stayed back, she could have been in danger.

Besides, Ann was a pretty girl. If she had fallen into the wrong hands, she would be too weak to fend for herself. Emily may have been desperate and circumstances may have made her hard-boiled, but there was no way she was going to leave this harmless girl alone.

"Hmm… Okay, you can come with me," said Emily. She figured, the least she could drop her off at the police station, which would have been the safest place to leave her.

"Great!" Anne cheered like a little kid, with a beautiful innocent smile, and she said,"Cutie, you are so kind. I like you!"

'You are so easy to please, ' thought Emily.

However, soon Emily would come to learn how wrong she had been about Anne.

Since, Anne had rarely gone out of the hospital, she was very curious about everything she saw in the outside world. When she saw something that stimulated her interest, she would touch them with great pleasure.

In the beginning, Emily asked Anne to walk slowly as she was afraid that Anne would suddenly fall down because of her weak body. However, as time went by, she was proven wrong. "I admire you," she said to Anne.

Soon after, Emily saw a public phone booth in front of her, and she felt like every fibre of her being was vibrating wit

ed Emily in a soft tone.

"But we don't have money…" Emily said. But before she could finish, she was interrupted by a cunning look from Anne. Suddenly, she understood what Anne had meant——they could look for money from the chink under the phone, just like Anne did in the first public phone booth.

Emily looked at Anne's expectant expression, and soon gave in. She bent over to pick up some coins from the chink under the phone, and gave them to Anne. "Here you are," she said.

Anne held the coins in the palm of her right hand, excited at the thought of buying candies. She said in an eager tone,"I want more."

Emily stood up and then patted her hand, then she said,"Don't take all the coins; just leave some, okay?"

A look of bemusement spread across her face, as Anne tilted her head to the side, looking like a lovely beautiful doll. She asked,"Why? It would be a waste to leave them there."

"If we leave some coins there, it may help someone else who might be in desperate to make a phone call," answered Emily.

Anne nodded, as she finally understood what Emily had meant. She was impressed by Emily's thoughtfulness, so she replied,"I understand."

'What a sweet girl! She is as sweet as Victor.' Anne thought again.

Anne took the coins and walked in and out of the candy shop fairly quickly. When she cameback, she hesitated for a short while and then gave Emily some of her favourite strawberry flavoured candies. The two girls sat side by side, on the steps of the park, and enjoyed their candies.

"Cutie, what's that?" Anne asked curiously, while she pointed her finger at a pool which was not far away from them. With a candy in her mouth, Anne struggled to utter words properly.

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