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   Chapter 194 Are You Trying to Run Away

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7733

Updated: 2019-03-07 00:06

Victor frowned, as his eyes turned gloomy when Emily refused to help Anne. With a cold-blooded smile on his face, he said,"Even if you don't want to, you don't have a choice."

Victor turned around and walked away, as if he did not feel the need to explain anything else to Emily.

Stunned, Emily stood there motionless, her heart sinking to the floor with each passing second. She had no intentions of sitting around, and waiting for death.

However, in the following days, the number of guards outside Emily's ward increased. She couldn't even go to the lady's room unsupervised. Emily felt like a caged bird, whose wings had been cut off.

Meanwhile, the day of the surgery was fast approaching.

One day, Emily slid the curtains open and thought about jumping out of the window. However, when she looked down, she spotted two bodyguards with sunglasses at the bottom, staring at her motionlessly.

Frustrated, Emily was starting to get desperate.

She quickly slid the curtain back. 'Out of sight, out of mind, ' she thought.

'Jacob, if you don't find me in time, your lovely little girlfriend won't have a heart left to give to you...'

Hopeless, Emily breathed a sigh of resignation, when she heard the euphonious voice of a girl. "Hi," the girl said to her.

Emily looked up to the only person in the ward, apart from her. "Who are you..." Emily asked cautiously.

"My name is Anne," replied the girl, as she walked towards her, with a gentle smile on her lips. She reached out her hand, and said,"Hello there, cutie."

Emily came to herself and shook her hand. "Hi, I'm Emily."

'What's Anne doing here all of a sudden?' she thought. Victor had made it quite clear that he did not want them to learn about each other.

As if she could reach Emily's mind, Anne smiled and then put her finger on Emily's lips. Two shallow dimples appeared on her cheeks. "Hush, don't tell him that I sneaked in to your room," she whispered.

"Oh..." Emily did not know what else to say, so she continued,"Please have a seat."

Emily remembered that Anne was in poor health, otherwise she wouldn't have needed a heart transplant to stay alive.

Anne's eyes were a myriad shades of blue swirled together, deep as the ocean. "Thank you," she politely expressed her sincerest gratitude.


d Emily.

"Don't mind them. They are my people, and they only listen to me," answered Anne.

Emily wondered what Anne's intentions were, while she watched the two staff take off their white coat. When Emily finally figured out what the plan was, her eyes glowed like light bulbs with excitement...

A few minutes later, Emily and Anne put on the white coats, swept up their hair and covered their faces with disposable medical masks. They walked out of the ward right in front of the guards willy nilly.

The bodyguards outside looked into the ward. When they saw two shadows, they assumed it was Emily and Anne, so they went back to their post with ease.

Thanks to Anne, Emily finally succeeded in escaping from the hospital.

"Finally we are out!" Emily sighed with relief, when they were walking on the street. Only she knew how much her palms were sweating when they got out.

On the other hand, Anne took a deep breath and said with excitement,"So this is what the air outside feels like."

"Miss Anne, I have kept my word," Emily said. She took off the white coat on her and returned it to Anne, and then she said,"Now, I am leaving."

In Emily's mind, even though she couldn't compete with those strong guards, she could at least run faster than the girl in front of her, who was weak and fragile.

Anne didn't reach out for the coat. Instead, she also took off her white coat. She wasn't wearing much underneath, and she looked thin as her face reddened in the cold. "Are you thinking of running away? she asked.

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