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   Chapter 193 You Will Save Her, Won't You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8260

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When Emily tried to take a peek inside the ward, she caught the sight of a girl sitting on a bed. She was sweet and pretty, but her face was pale as ice. She had a smart disposition, as if the whole universe was hidden behind her breathtakingly pure eyes.

"Victor, when can I go out?" asked the girl.

Victor looked at her tenderly, as if he could only see her in his eyes. "Soon," he replied.

"What do you mean by 'soon'?"

"A few days later, if everything goes accordingly."

Anne laughed, and winked at him. "Can I meet the kind-hearted donator you told me about?" she asked.

Victor froze for a second, but he showed no change in his facial expression. "Sorry, the donator wants to protect her privacy. I can't fulfil your wish," he said plainly.

"I see," Anne replied, reluctantly. Anne was disheartened by Victor's words. She looked down as if she were upset, but it was hard to determined whether she believed Victor's words or not.

"But we can break some rules for you today. You can have half of my strawberry cake," he said. Victor cautiously changed the topic. Seeing the satisfaction in her face, he gradually smiled at her.

As a matter of fact, he was lying to her, but he had no regrets.

Hiding outside of the ward, Emily gasped, as her eyes widened with astonishment. She had never seen Victor act like that before, and the tenderness in his eyes was overwhelming. He was like a chocolate lava cake, hard on the outside, but soft on the inside.

'I have never seen this side of Victor.

Who would have guessed that he wasn't actually such a heartless person?

What kind of person could bring out Victor's tenderness? She must be someone very dear and important to him.'

"Who's there?" Emily's thoughts were interrupted by the voice of a female that came from inside the ward. As soon as she looked up, her eyes met the curious eyes of a young girl looking at her through the half-open door.

She tried to sneak away, but it was too late. Once Victor heard the girl's words, he stretched his long leg and caught Emily immediately.

"What are you doing here?" asked Victor.

Emily had no valid explanation, but she definitely sensed nervousness in Victor's tone. "... Nothing. I was just wandering around," she replied.

"Let me walk you back right now," said Victor.

"Never mind. I can walk back by myself. Don't worry. There's nowhere I can run. Why don't you go back to the girl inside..." Before Emily could f

up on her. All he needed was a small opportunity. Meanwhile, in his search for a suitable heart, Victor ended up wandering along secret places that were beyond the regulations of the law.

Never did he imagine, that he would come across Emily being auctioned to the Dark Area. Even Victor couldn't deny that it was like an Act of God.

'Jacob, don't blame me for this. It's you that failed to keep your woman safe!'

When he was presented with the opportunity, Victor spared no expenses and straight away bought her at the auction without any hesitation. So long as Anne could be cured, money was no matter for him. Even if it had bankrupted him, he would pay any price for her heart!

At that moment, Emily looked at Victor with a convoluted expression. She couldn't find the words to respond to him.

"So, your heart, is mine now," he asserted. Victor sounded confident, gently, as he continued,"You will help her, won't you?"

Victor's words were hypnotic, as it seemed to have the magic to compel people to act against their own will.

Emily, however, bit her lip hard and shook her head determinedly. "Sorry, I can't," she said.

Emily understood that her life didn't just belong to her only. She had a responsibility towards her parents. After all, they had raised her since she was a child. But most importantly, she owed her life to Jacob, who had saved her life countless times without even hesitating... If the circumstances were any different, she could have offered herself to save Anne's life.

However... she had her parents, her friends, her career and... the man she loved dearly! Emily wanted to live for them!

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