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   Chapter 192 I Feel Like Gretel

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8175

Updated: 2019-03-06 01:03

Jacob searched all over Dark Area, but found no trace of Emily. The only person he found there was Emily's mother Debby, who was locked up in a room.

Trembling with fear, Von, stood still facing Jacob, as he tried hard to push the words out of his mouth,"Mr. Jacob, if you could show me a photo of Ms. Emily, I..."

Before he could finish talking, Jacob threw his phone straight to Von's face, hitting him on the head, hard.

As the phone slowly slid down his face, Von quickly caught a glimpse at the screen and widened his eyes at the photo of Emily. "She...She was sold to a buyer at that auction, just earlier today," Von stuttered.

The moment the news hit Jacob's ears, he glared at Von with fire burning in his eyes, as if he were the Devil. Then he raised the corners of his mouth, forming a cold smile, and asked,"Well? How much did this buyer pay for her?"

Trembling with immense fear, Von cowered in terror. How he wished he could just vanish into thin air instead of facing the demon that stood in front of him. "Fift...Fifty million..." he stuttered.

'Thud!' Before he knew it, Jacob pinned him against the wall. And then Jacob bashed his head backward onto the wall demandingly until finally blood ran from the back of his head and soaked his clothes on the way down. When Von opened his eyes, he could hardly see anything as his face was covered in his own blood. For a moment, he truly believed that he was dead.

'Fifty million? Who dared to buy my girl with just fifty million?

I would like to see that man in person, ' thought Jacob.

At the St. Li Hospital in M Country.

When Emily opened her eyes, she found herself lying in a white painted room. The smell of disinfectant filled her nose as she breathed in.

Emily lay there for a while, before the memories of what happened yesterday flooded back into her mind. 'It must be the man who was wearing a silver mask that brought me here, ' she thought.

"You are awake." Suddenly, Emily's thoughts were interrupted by a man's deep voice. She turned to the voice and saw the face of a man she never expected to see standing there at the door—It was Victor!

'So the masked man was Victor! No wonder I thought he looked very familiar!' Emily cheered inwardly.

However, her excitement soon turned to embarrassment when she remembered how she was publicly humiliated yesterday. "Mr. Victor, thank you for saving me," she said.

"I had no intentions

m time to time, Victor would send a girl to chat with her in case she felt bored and lonely.

A few days later, when Emily sensed that she weighed more than she did before, a crazy idea suddenly popped into her head.

'I feel like Gretel in Grimms' Fairy Tales. Does Victor plan to eat me after I become fat?

But, I haven't seen him since that day, as if he has completely forgotten about me.'

Victor's odd behavior made Emily believe that he had a special purpose for her. But what was this special purpose? Emily scratched her head, failing to understand Victor's intentions.

One day, Emily finally found a chance to slip away from the room when the guards had turned their backs for just one moment.

Emily believed that her plan to run away from the hospital would end up fruitless. So she wandered around the hospital, hoping to find someone so that she could borrow a phone to make a call.

However, after a long while of wandering around, she was surprised to discover that there wasn't anyone else in the hospital.

When she passed by a room, however, a familiar voice came into her ear, making her stop at once and eavesdrop on the conversation inside the room.

She knew it was not appropriate to eavesdrop on people's private conversation, but she could not control her curiosity when she recognized Victor's voice.

For days, her confusion had been eating her up from the inside wondering why Victor had her locked up in a hospital, while she wasn't sick at all.

Emily's intuition was telling her that the reason behind Victor keeping her there in the hospital must have been inside that room.

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