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   Chapter 191 As Long As She Can Play, Play Her To Death

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8877

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"Ah!' Tina screamed in agony, and all she could feel was her hair being pulled back as she watched the door shut close in front of her eyes.

"Click" One of the guys flashed a light at Tina's face. Compared to the day before, her face looked less swollen and far more attractive, which appealed to the group of big strong men who were staring her down with licentious eyes.

"Wow, this Chinese girl is a real cutie," one of them said. One guy had a strong accent.

Another guy carried Tina and dropped her on the ground. With a creepy smile on his face, he asked,"Well, she is quite pretty. Why would boss willingly give her to us as a reward?"

"Forget about it. The boss told us that as long as she's still breathing, we can fuck her to death."

"Quickly! Turn on all the lights! I want to look at her face while I fuck her brains out!" One strong man hurriedly opened the zip of his pants and walked towards Tina with lust glistening in his eyes.

Due to the sheer size of these men, Tina looked like a petite doll begging to be defiled. Seeing her lying on the floor, subdued, gave them unclean, lustful thoughts.

Tina staggered backwards, while trying to communicate with them and even talk some senses into them. She pleaded,"Don't get close to me... Do you want money? I have a lot of money. You can have as much money as you want. Please do not get close to me!"

In the face of desperation, Tina had abandoned her arrogance. The only thing she could do was supplicate them with a pair of red and watery eyes.

Tina was out of her depth. If these big, strong men actually went through with her, she would die then and there, undoubtedly!

Suddenly, they burst into laughter, roaring at her face, humiliating her.

"Girl, are you really that naive? Do you really believe that money can buy everything? Well, too bad, because we don't need money at all."

Tina's voice trembled. She muttered,"Then... what do you want?"

"We only want to pound you until you beg for mercy!" One of the men, grinned salaciously, and said,"Did we forget to mention that all of us have AIDS? You see, that's why money is meaningless to us... Now all we want to do is spread this beautiful nightmare to you, then we can burn in hell together..."

Hearing the vile and filthy words trickle from his mouth, Tina knew she had hit rock bottom! Her entire body froze up, as if her blood solidified. She implored,"No, I beg of you. Please don't..."

"Hey, baby, come on!" The five of them closed in on Tina simultaneously, with their tongues salivating profusely. They ripped her clothes off as if they were made of paper.

"Ah! Fuck off! Don't you d

ne mad? Giving me the heiress of the Tao clan to rape and torture! This can't be happening! He must have been planning to screw me all along!'

"I knew it was him," affirmed Mark.

Lay had been thirsting for revenge ever since his last transaction with Mark and Tina. He even recruited henchmen from criminal organizations to kidnap her. Unfortunately, they mistakenly caught Emily and her mother along with Tina, and brought them all to the Dark Area.

Fast forward to now... Von was staring at the barrel of a loaded gun pointing at his head, remorseful and helpless.

Marks eyes went black, soulless and lifeless. He curved on side of his lips, but the smile made him look more terrifying than the Angel of Death, himself. "As we speak, Lay is burning in hellfire right now. As for you, Mr. Von, what kind of fate do you think awaits you after this?"

Von's clothes were drenched in his own vile sweat. At first, he thought they were there just to mess around, so he found courage to face them. However, he was beginning to get a feeling that things were going to get much worse for him!

Remorseful, he slowly asked,"So, Mr. Mark, I understand that you are here for you sister, Miss Tina. What about Mr. Jacob..."

"He was here for his girlfriend. Her name is Emily," Mark replied.

Von's face turned pale in an instant. He wanted to dig a hole on the ground and die there as soon as possible, as that would be a fate far more reasonable and forgiving. All he could think about was the kind of death he would prefer over what Jacob would do to him.

In less than 24 hours he had managed to offend both the Tao clan and the Gu clan. Even his boss wouldn't be able to save him from his predicaments. There was only cold, bleak death waiting for him.

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