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   Chapter 189 All Their Hopes Were Broken Thoroughly

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Not only Emily, but also Katherine and the girls waiting outside were all shocked. They couldn't figured out what happened even after quite a while.

Unfortunately it was too late!

By then the guard had already rushed into the room. When the guard looked around the empty room and found the window open wide, he cursed,"Damn it! How dare you try to run away!"

He blew his whistle to signal the others.

Gripped with crippling fear, Emily stood up and screamed at the girls outside,"Run! Run! Run away quickly!"

"Pah" Before Emily knew it, the guard delivered an open-handed smack to her face, causing her to let out a startled little gasp of pain. She clutched her stinging face and found blood trickling down from the corner of her mouth.

Katherine tried to stop the guard, but he kicked her in the abdomen so hard that she staggered backwards and fell to the ground, writhing in pain.

At last, only Penny was left standing. The guard looked at her sullenly. Penny was so afraid that she stepped back subconsciously and waved her hands to surrender. "I didn't try to run away. I was the one who informed you. They'd have escaped if it weren't for me," said Penny.

Pleased, the guard didn't hit Penny, instead he locked her with Emily and Katherine in another enclosed room for Von to deal with later.

The girls who got out through the window, unfortunately, were all besieged by the men in Dark Area just minutes after. Soon after, they were all sent back to Dark Area.

They felt extremely regretful. If they had escaped as soon as they got out from the window, just as Emily had told them, instead of waiting by the window, they would have been long gone for this terrifying place. Now, all their hopes were crushed thoroughly.

In the room.

"Did you think you were doing something great and noble?" said Penny as she looked down at Emily with condescension. She continued,"I hate those who think of themselves as the Holy Mother. Do you think you can save all of us? Do you think that everyone wants to get out of here?"

Penny had a different perspective from the rest of the girls. She knew that she had a beautiful face, so she wanted to capitalize on it. She didn't want to spend the rest of her life living in squalor anymore. In her opinion, being in the Dark Area meant that she could have a chance to change her life.

Those who made deals in the Dark Area were either in possession of a good fortune or a high status. Penny wanted to snatch that rare opportunity at a better life.

However, this woman, Emily, was trying to take away her dreams from her! She couldn't just sit back and watch it happen!

"How does it feel to see your on

hey were afraid that if they looked at Penny again, they would end up killing her.

Desperate, the girls had reached the great yawning chasm of despair, where all hope had died. They realized that they were not going to get another opportunity like that again, since they would be taken to the auction tomorrow. What was there left to hope for?

Time passed and seconds slowly ticked away like eternity. Soon the time for the auction had approached, and the girls were thrown into the pool for a bath. After they were dressed in skimpily designed clothes, they were locked in their extravagantly decorated cages, and displayed for sale.

This was the usual tradition in Dark Area.

Von paid extra attention to the girls who were extraordinarily beautiful. Unfortunately, after last night, Penny's disfigured appearance did not enable her to fall under that category anymore. Therefore, despite her reluctance, Von gave Penny to his subordinates as a reward.

In the end, karma had worked its magic, as Penny ended up being a whore for the delinquents in Dark Area instead of being a private plaything for a rich old man, as she would have wanted.

Just before the auction started, all the guests in Dark Area wore the custom-made silver masks to conceal their true identity. At first, it began as a weird fetish for the wealthy, but gradually, the mask became a mandatory requirement to protect the privacy and the image of all the participants of the auction in Dark Area.

A mask could be a person's best disguise, but in there, the mask was the safest shield the guests could avail, as no one could tell who they really were under the mask. It gave them the freedom and power to participate in whatever heinous activities they wanted to, without any restrictions or rules.

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