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   Chapter 188 Do You Want to Die

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7478

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"Does anyone have a hair pin?" Emily turned to ask the girl in the room.

Katherine did not know what she wanted to do, but she removed a water drill hairpin from her hair and handed it to Emily without hesitation.

Emily shook her head and said,"Not this, I need a black U hairpin."

The hairpin Emily was looking for was one of the most commonly used hairpins. Soon, another girl handed her several pins. "You... What on earth do you want to do?" she asked.

"Thank you," replied Emily. She took the hairpin and answered,"I want to try and see if I can open that lock."

All of a sudden, the eyes of every girl lit up with a glimmer of hope. They had never thought of it before. They only whined and grumbled, instead of thinking of a way to escape. 'What if we succeeded?' everyone was thrilled by the very idea.

They really wanted to escape. After all, nobody wanted to end up as some rich old man's plaything...

Penny who had teased Emily just now, looked at Emily's attempt to open the lock with a hairpin, and said, in a disdainful tone,"Hmph, do you think you are Macgyver? If these locks could be opened so easily..."

Before she had time to finish, she heard a "click". To her surprise, it was the clicking sound of the lock opening in Emily's palm.

Penny was at a loss for words.

The rest of girls in the warehouse followed suit.

After the dead silence, a cheer of joy burst out in the warehouse,"She's opened it!" Emily really unlocked it!

For a few seconds, Emily was in a daze. In truth, she didn't expect to the open the lock so easily.

Coincidentally, Jacob was the one who had taught her how to unlock padlocks with a hairpin just to kill time and boredom. Little did she think that it would come into great use one day.

However, before the girls could celebrate, there was a loud knock on the door, accompanied by the disgruntled roar of a man,"What are you all screaming about? Do you want me to come in there?"

Immediately, the room went pin-drop silent. All the girls shut their mouths tight and dared not to let a sound out.

Soon, someone opened the door. A guard came in to inspect. All the girl's hearts stopped beating at once!

Considering the vicious nature of these man,

Everyone was mute, as if they were pretending to be a mime artist.

Emily helped the girls out one by one, with sweat on her forehead, and a smile on her face. With each girl making an escape, she felt great satisfaction.

And her mother... She would definitely find a way to help her out!

Katherine came up and took Emily's place, and asked Emily to take a break.

Emily then noticed Penny who was acting strange. Sceptical, Emily asked,"Don't you want to go?"

Penny sneered,"Idiot!"

"Huh?" Emily couldn't understand Penny's behavior.

Having lost all patience, Katherine ignored Penny. "You don't have to pay attention to her. Maybe she wants to stay here and find a rich man?" she scoffed.

Katherine was being sarcastic, but unexpectedly what she said had turned out to be a prophecy in the end.

Eventually, Emily, Katherine and Penny were the last ones left. Emily persuaded Penny to leave, but Katherine pulled her away. "I'm going to give you a boost. You get out first, and then pull me up," said Katherine.

Emily nodded, and said,"Okay."

Suddenly, Penny grabbed her hands firmly. Her lips raised demonic smile. She screamed out,"Anybody there? Guards! They are escaping! Did you hear me! These women are escaping!"

Penny's loud and shrill voice crashed into Emily's eardrums. Emily's heart pounded in her chest, as she realized halfway that her "ladder" was no longer under her foot. As a consequence, she fell to the ground and landed on her back!

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