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   Chapter 187 Are You Innocent Or Stupid

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7266

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The Dark Area, was the biggest black market in the Jingshi City.

Emily, Debby and Tina were soon brought to the Dark Area, where people looked at them as if they were commodities.

The ringleader of the delinquents was a podgy, middle-aged man with beady eyes called Von. He laid his salacious eyes on Emily, and was very satisfied with her. "Good. Leave them here and go get your money,"

he told Lay. Lay grinned from ear to ear. He looked more hideous as the scars on his face stretched out. He said,"Von, I hope you don't forget what we've agreed upon."

"Of course I won't," Von smiled back and said,"It's just a piece of cake."

Satisfied, Lay nodded, and shook Von's stubby hands. He said,"Hope we can continue to cooperate like this."

Meanwhile, Emily, Debby and Tina tried to maintain vigilance, even though they were scared out of their wits.

Von pointed at Emily and Debby and demanded,"Send this woman to Room A, and that woman to Room for the last woman..."

By then, Tina's once beautiful face had swollen up like an apple. The glow of her captivating beauty had now dimmed. Von frowned at her and thought, 'So this is the one Lay wants to take revenge on.'

However, considering the fact that Lay had given him a very beautiful woman (Emily), the least he could do was hold up his end of the bargain.

"Send the last woman to our buddy Seven," Von said coldly, sounding like he was assigning an important task.

"Yes, sir." Upon hearing Seven's name, Von's subordinates went silent. They silently nodded to show compliance, and then dragged Tina away, disregarding her violent struggling.

Soon after, Emily and Debby were also taken to their rooms.

When Emily stepped into Room A, she discovered that the room was actually a small warehouse, which roomed several beautiful young girls.

They were all sitting in the corner, shivering like little cubs. Most of them were sobbing.

'These girls... are all being held hostage here like me?' Emily thought.

"Um..." Emily wanted to say something, but her mouth was tightly secured by a tape and her hands were tied behind her back.

One girl, who noticed Emily strugglin

t I guess no one would come to rescue me," Katherine, the girl that helped Emily, smiled bitterly. Her family only wanted boys. They tried to sell her to a rich old man so they could get a huge bride price, but Katherine didn't want to be sold to him, so she ran away from her family.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire - unfortunately, she was caught by the human traders. Now she wondered whether her life would have been much better if she had married that old man.

"No. Someone will come and rescue you," Emily comforted her as she held her hands. She continued,"And my boyfriend is going to come and rescue me too."

'Jacob's so powerful. Every time when I'm faced with danger, he shows up out of nowhere like a guardian angel. I believe that he will find me.

But in the meantime, I can't wait for death, doing nothing.'

Before long, Emily stood up and looked around the warehouse. After a while she found out that apart from the door, there was also a window for air ventilation. Those were the only two possible ways of going out.

"Hey, maybe we can escape," said Emily. As expected, the door and the window was locked. However, while, the door was locked from the outside, the window was locked from the inside.

Emily walked over and stood on her toes to look over the window, only to find complete darkness. Although, she couldn't see anything, she soon realized that they were locked in an underground basement.

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